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Cray and High Performance Computing Events

August 2014

World Weather Open Science Conference (WWOSC)
August 16-21, 2014
Montreal, Canada

2nd Annual MVAPICH User Group (MUG) Meeting
August 25-27, 2014
Columbus, OH


September 2014

International Conference on Energy-Aware High Performance Computing
September 1-2, 2014
Dresden, Germany

Smoky Mountains Computational Sciences and Engineering Conference + US/Japan Exascale Applications Workshop
September 2-4, 2014
Gatlinburg, TN

EAGE Workshop on HPC for Upstream
September 7-10, 2014
Crete, Greece

Swiss Chemical Society Fall Meeting
September 11-12, 2014
Zurich, Germany

PASIG 2014
September 16-18, 2014
Karlsruhe, Germany

Big DIP: Big Data in Pharma
September 17-18, 2014
Boston, MA

Programming weather, climate and earth-system models
September 17-18, 2014
Boulder, CO

DiRAC Day@Durham
September 22, 2014
Durham, UK

Oklahoma Supercomputing Symposium 2014
September 23-24, 2014
Norman, Oklahoma

Multicore Challenge 2014
September 23, 2014
Bristol, UK and online