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Cray Inc. GSA Schedule

A. General Information

Cray Inc. is a contract holder of an authorized Federal Supply Service Information Technology Multiple Award Schedule 70 via the General Services Administration ("GSA"). This website provides access to and general information about Cray's GSA Contract.

Links are included for detailed information regarding Descriptions/Pricing of Cray Products/Maintenance; Cray's Point of Contact; and a copy of Cray's comprehensive agreement with GSA.

GSA Contract Number: GS-35F-0196R

Special Item Numbers:

  • SIN 132-08 Purchase of Equipment
  • SIN 132-12 Maintenance of Equipment
  • SIN 132-33 Software Licenses
  • SIN 132-34 Maintenance of Software
GSA Contract Term: December 13, 2004 through December 12, 2014

B. Products/Maintenance Pricing

Cray XT Product Family (XT/XMT/XE) products/maintenance pricing sorted by SINs effective 1/25/2012:

SIN 132-08 Pricebook (174 items) 4 pages
SIN 132-12 Pricebook (465 items) 11 pages
SIN 132-33 Pricebook (48 items) 2 page
SIN 132-34 Pricebook (108 items) 2 pages

C. Contract Point of Contact

Rick Johnson
Office: 651-967-9527
Fax: 651-605-9001

D. Cray's Comprehensive GSA Schedule

Cray's GSA Extension Pricelist

Cray's GSA Extension Pricelist is current through Modification 0020 executed January 25,2012 for Contract GS-35F-0196R period of performance December 14, 2004 through December 12, 2014.