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Legal Agreements

Standard Customer Sales Agreements

Cray Cluster Supercomputers Support Levels
Cray Inc. Software License Terms and Conditions
Contract for Sales, License, and Support with Acceptance
Contract for Sale, License and Support of Cray Inc. Products
Cray HPCS Support Levels (including Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond)
Cray Standalone Support Agreement

End User License Agreement for the Intel® Software Development Products
MySQL Addendum (v. 5, 5-18-10)
MySQL Addendum 2 (v. 2, 8-9-10)
Platform Computing End User License Agreement
STMicroelectronics Addendum
TotalView Addendum

Customer Replacement Unit Documents

Cray XE6 CRUs for Shared Support
Cray XT Series Customer Replaceable Units (CRUs)
XC30-AC CRUs for Silver Support
Cray XC30-LC CRUs for Silver Support
Cray Sonexion CRUs for Silver Support

Other Agreements

Cray Bilateral Nondisclosure Agreement
Cray Inc. BSD License Agreement
Cray Network Access Agreement