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Product Recycling

In compliance with the European Union’s Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive that requires the proper handling and disposal of end-of-life equipment, Cray proactively works to properly label products, register worldwide as a manufacturer, and provide information to customers about environmentally sound disposal practices. Cray customers are encouraged to participate in the company’s Take-Back Program for the collection and treatment of components ready for recycling.

Product recycling

Take-Back Program

When your system is ready to be recycled, please complete the Request for Product Recycling form. If your company requires documentation regarding a Certificate of Recycling or Certificate of Destruction, or if you would like to receive a quote from Cray for system disassembly and transportation to the loading area, please indicate that in the comments field. After your form has been processed, you will receive confirmation and contact information to arrange for the equipment to be picked up.

Prior to scheduling pick-up, the system must be disassembled. Move all racks and components to the loading area, and box and palletize loose components such as cables and monitors. Ensure that the equipment and packing materials do not contain any proprietary information about your company, previous shipping marks, or harmful substances. On your pick-up date, please have a site representative available to assist the carrier with loading and to sign shipping papers.

Take-Back Program Terms and Conditions

System Disassembly Documentation

Cray XD1 System Disassembly
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Recycling Instructions for Cray XT Series Systems
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