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Cray Solutions for Earth Sciences

Understanding Earth’s systems is vital to the health and well-being of humankind. Cray helps bring this mission-critical task down to planet Earth.

Weather prediction: tornado activityFrom predicting severe storms to tracking climate shifts over centuries, understanding Earth’s systems is computationally intense. It’s why leading national weather services and earth system research centers such as NOAA, MeteoSwiss, CPTEC and the Korea Meteorological Administration choose Cray.

Cray’s robust high performance computing, storage and Big Data solutions are designed to handle the earth science community’s computational challenges such as numerical weather prediction and earth system modeling quickly and at high resolution.

A balanced, high performance capability computing system such as the Cray XC30 massively parallel supercomputer delivers results in the shortest time possible while also allowing users to investigate increasingly complex phenomena. The capacity-oriented Cray CS300-AC and Cray CS300-LC cluster supercomputers offer high performance and maximum configuration flexibility. Cray scalable storage solutions provide integrated, reliable and modular scale-out Lustre storage to maximize file system performance and scalability at any size. And as the need to exploit big data heightens, Cray cluster supercomputers for Hadoop® and the YarcData Urika big data graph analytics appliance transform Big Data problems into meaningful information.

Browse the resources below to meet our systems and see how our customers are using their Crays to produce groundbreaking climate science.


Case Studies

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Customer Solutions

Korea Meteorological Administration: National Center for Meteorological Supercomputer

Blog Posts

The Critical Role of Supercomputers in Weather Forecasting (7.24.13)


White Papers, Briefs and Reports

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