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Cray Solutions for Energy

Energy makes the world go. Cray helps put the go in energy exploration.

Oil explorationFrom oil and gas exploration to investigating renewable energy sources, energy research needs reliable, scalable high performance computing (HPC) and storage for the essential tasks of data acquisition, data management and computational modeling.

Exploration and production companies rely on Cray technology to ensure project safety, viability and return on investment.

Reduce risk and gain a competitive advantage with Cray systems for processing and analyzing massive amounts of data quickly and accurately:

  • Cray® XC™ series systems have highly scalable networks and the unmatched compute density to handle the most challenging capability computing needs.
  • Capacity-oriented Cray® CS™ series cluster supercomputers offer high performance and maximum configuration flexibility, as well as support for GPU computing accelerators.
  • The CS-Storm GPU-accelerated system was designed to speed up massively parallel computing workloads like RTM; it is in widespread use at petroleum exploration and production organizations.
  • Cray scalable storage solutions provide integrated, reliable and modular scale-out Lustre® storage that maximizes file system performance and scalability at any size.
  • And as the need to exploit big data heightens, the Urika® family of analytics appliances transform big data problems into meaningful information.

Leaders in energy research choose Cray. Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center, large integrated oil companies and more are using their Cray systems to revolutionize energy science – providing insights on everything from fusion to wind energy.

"The oil and gas industry's acute need for scalable high performance storage and its willingness to adopt cutting-edge technologies plays well into Cray’s strength of delivering sophisticated, productive HPC systems. The company has a long track record of successful deployments, which includes storage systems even larger and faster than any currently used in seismic analysis. Finally, Cray’s position as a supercomputing leader of long-standing makes it a trusted choice for businesses looking for a proven HPC technology partner."

—Michael Feldman, Senior Analyst, Intersect360 Research


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