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Cray Solutions for Higher Education

High performance computing is an essential research tool in academia today. Whether it’s social science or quantum physics, Cray systems help advance scientific inquiry in the halls of higher learning.

Higher educationFrom teaching the next generation of scientists to making tomorrow’s groundbreaking discoveries, academia uses high performance computing for a wide array of disciplines. Cray supports these varied endeavors with powerful, cost-effective solutions with the easy configurability to meet any computational need.

Cray® XC™ series and Cray® XK™ series systems offer academic users needed flexibility and power with their renowned scalability and adaptive architectures and Cray's commitment to open standards in software. The capacity-oriented Cray® CS™ series cluster supercomputers offer high performance and maximum configuration flexibility. Cray storage and data management systems provide integrated, reliable and modular scale-out Lustre® storage solutions that maximize file system performance and scalability at any size. And the Urika® family of analytics appliances transform big data problems into meaningful information.

Leading academic institutions worldwide such as the University of Kyoto, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, University of Illinois and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council have selected Cray solutions of every size and type from technical enterprise to leadership class computing and storage systems. Browse the resources below to meet our systems and see what our academic customers are achieving with their Crays.


Case Studies

The San Diego Supercomputer Center Takes on Big Data Challenges with "Gordon" (University of California, San Diego)
GPUs and the Science of Smooth Ice Cream (University of Edinburgh)
ORNL and Purdue Explore Technology at the Nanoscale (Purdue University)
Predicting the Impact of Large Magnitude Earthquakes (National Autonomous University of Mexico)
Powerful Supercomputing at Economical Prices (University of Stuttgart)

White Papers and Briefs

Cray Solutions for Higher Education
Building a Data-Intensive Supercomputer Architecture for the National Research Community (University of California, San Diego)

Customer Solutions

NCSA Access: Blue Waters (University of Illinois)

Blog Posts

Higher-ed turns to data-intensive computing (7.16.13)