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Cray Solutions for Life Sciences

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Get to the answer faster.

In the life sciences, the next question is already waiting. You need technology on your team that gets you answers quickly, reliably and with respect to budgets.

Today, pharmaceutical, biotech, healthcare and university organizations face increasingly complex challenges in a wide range of fields. From next-generation sequencing to molecular modeling to translational research to data integration, making discoveries and staying competitive depends on high performance computing (HPC) and big data analytics.

Cray supercomputing solutions can help you make the most of your research. We have proven expertise in architecting, optimizing and supporting large-scale supercomputing and analytics environments for the life sciences field. The result for our customers is shorter discovery cycles, lower R&D costs and stronger overall competitiveness.

We are a complete supercomputing provider with compute, storage and analytics solutions to meet any size need.

The adaptable, upgradable Cray® XC30™ supercomputer provides extreme application scalability and excels at large-scale computations. The Cray® CS300™ supercomputer is a highly efficient, scale-out cluster system supporting a broad range of model requirements. For intensive data analytics tasks, the Urika® graph analytics appliance from YarcData enables new insights in real time and our Hadoop® environments for the XC30 and CS300 power search, analysis and predictive modeling. Cray storage solutions support your research with expert data management. Cray® Sonexion® is our integrated scale-out storage system for Lustre. Cray Tiered Adaptive Storage provides a complete and open archiving solution for big data and HPC.


Case Studies

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Application, Solution and Technology Briefs

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Blog Posts

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Customer Solutions

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Technical Papers

Genomic Applications on Cray supercomputers: Next Generation Sequencing Workflow
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