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Cray Cluster Supercomputers for Hadoop®

Turnkey Performance, Reliability and Maintainability for High Value Hadoop Applications

Cray CS300-AC Cluster Supercomputer

Cray cluster supercomputers for Hadoop® are turnkey solutions purpose built for realizing the potential of Hadoop. Built on optimized configurations of the Cray CS300 cluster supercomputer series, these systems feature Linux™ OS, workload management software, Advanced Cluster Engine (ACE™) management software and Apache Hadoop® software – all integrated, optimized, validated and supported by Cray.

  • Turnkey. Integrated solutions incorporate hardware, software, services and support for rapid, hassle-free deployment.
  • Performance. Validated and optimized technologies provide performance for the most demanding Hadoop requirements.
  • Reliability. Reliable service levels leverage proven technologies like ACE management software as well as integrated resource management and job scheduling.
  • HadoopMaintainability. Easy to maintain and evolve with management tools and services for the entire solution.

Cray Delivers Turnkey High Value Hadoop

With its Hadoop solutions Cray provides a fast and reliable path to using Hadoop applications as the basis for critical decisions and strategic moves. Instead of worrying about the system, organizations can focus on accessing more data, posing more questions and choosing the best results.

Cray Cluster Supercomputer for Hadoop®
Intel® Xeon® Processor


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