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Cray Urika-GD Data Discovery Appliance

Cray® Urika-GD™ Graph Discovery Appliance

Purpose-built solution for big data graph analytics

The Urika-GD™ appliance enables enterprises to:

  • Discover unknown and hidden relationships and patterns in big data
  • Build a relationship warehouse, supporting inferencing/deduction, pattern-based queries and intuitive visualization
  • Perform real-time analytics on the largest and most complex graph problems

The Urika-GD system is a high performance graph appliance with a large shared memory and massively multithreaded custom processor designed for graph processing and scalable I/O.

With its industry-standard, open-source software stack enabling reuse of existing skill sets and no lock in, the Urika-GD appliance is easy to adopt.

The Urika-GD appliance complements an existing data warehouse or Hadoop® cluster by offloading graph workloads and interoperating within the existing enterprise analytics workflow.

Realize rapid time to powerful new insights.

Urika-GD product brief