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Cray CS300-AC System

Cray CS300-AC

The Cray CS300-AC cluster supercomputer offers energy efficient, air-cooled design based on modular, industry-standard platforms featuring the latest processor and network technologies and a wide range of datacenter cooling requirements.

With flexible configurations options, the Cray CS300-AC system enables users to design a supercomputer that meets their unique HPC requirements. The system is tightly integrated with Cray’s HPC cluster software stack addressing cluster communication efficiency, deployment and management. The Cray CS300-AC cluster supercomputer is designed to meet the challenges of capacity and data-intensive computing workloads.

Video: Cray CS300-AC™ with air–cooled technology

Cray CS300-AC Brochure

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  Features & Benefits

Air-Cooled Energy-Efficient Architecture

  • Efficient design with a wide range of flexible configurations
  • Optional 480V power distribution with a choice of 208V or 277V 3-phase power supplies

Flexible and Scalable Configurations

  • Based on the Intel® Xeon® processor E5 family
  • Two-socket industry-leading x86 processors and accelerator-based platforms
  • Multiple interconnect options, including 3D Torus/fat tree, single/dual rail, QDR/FDR, InfiniBand/GigE
  • Wide range of parallel file storage systems



  • Integrated HPC cluster software stack featuring Advanced Cluster Engine (ACE) management software
  • Multi Linux OS support
  • Manages heterogeneous nodes with different OS stacks
  • Message passing libraries, compilers, debuggers and performance tools
  • Network, server, cluster and storage management
  • Fine-grain system power and temperature monitoring
  • Detects hardware, fabric topology configuration errors
  • Version control and ability to roll back changes
  • Integrates job schedulers such as Grid Engine, SLURM and PBS Pro

Reliable & Serviceable

  • No single point of failures with fault tolerance capabilities
  • All critical components easily accessible and hot swappable
  • Redundant power, cooling and management subsystems with failover capabilities
  • Built-in multi-generation configuration software
  • Turnkey installation services with worldwide support and service options