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Cray CS300-AC System

Cray® CS400-AC™ Cluster Supercomputers

The CS400-AC™ system is our air-cooled cluster supercomputer. Designed to offer the widest possible choice of configurations, it is a highly scalable and modular platform based on the latest x86 processing, coprocessing and accelerator technologies from Intel and NVIDIA. Industry-standard server nodes and components have been optimized for high performance computing (HPC) and tightly integrated with a comprehensive HPC software stack, creating a unified system that excels at capacity and data-intensive workloads.

Cray CS400-AC Brochure

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  Features & Benefits

Flexible, Scalable Configurations

  • Blade or rackmount platforms for easy configuration and scaling on node and whole-system levels
  • Two- or four-socket x86 Intel® Xeon® processors
  • Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessors or NVIDIA® Tesla® GPU accelerators
  • Large memory per node
  • Local hard drives in each server
  • Multiple interconnect options: 3D torus/fat tree, single/dual rail, QDR/FDR InfiniBand
  • Choice of network-attached file systems and Lustre®-based parallel file storage systems

Comprehensive, Easy Manageability

Customizable HPC cluster software stack

  • Compatible with most compilers, debuggers, schedulers, libraries
  • Integrated and tested
  • Available with Cray Programming Environment, Cray Scientific and Math Libraries, Cray Performance Measurement and Analysis Tools

Advanced Cluster Engine (ACE™) system management software

  • Simplifies network, server, cluster and storage management
  • Supports multiple network topologies and diskless configurations with optional local storage
  • Provides network failover with high scalability and maximum reliability
  • Integrates easily with customizable HPC development environment for industry-standard platforms and software configurations
  • Manages heterogeneous nodes with different software stacks
  • Monitors nodes, networks, power and temperature

Built-in Efficiency and Reliability

  •  High-efficiency load balancing power supplies
  • 480V power distribution with choice of 208V or 277V three-phase power supplies
  • Multiple levels of redundancy and fault tolerance
  • Redundant power, cooling, management subsystems and networks with failover capabilities
  • Critical components easily accessible and hot swappable
  • Option for liquid cooling rack rear door heat exchangers and chillers for more energy savings