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Cray CS300-AC Resources

Product Literature

Cray CS300-AC™ Cluster Supercomputer Brochure

Case Studies

Allinea Software Helps Scientists Port Code to Hybrid Cray CS300-AC
NICS Gets Faster Application Performance with the Cray CS300 Cluster Supercomputer
The San Diego Supercomputer Center Takes on Big Data Challenges with "Gordon"
University of Tsukuba: Accelerating GPU Computing

Cray and Intel Solutions

Innovative Supercomputing Cluster Design Powers Critical U.S. Infrastructure and Research
Kyoto University: Delivering High-Speed Supercomputer Services


Cray CS300-AC Cluster Supercomputer Introduction

White Papers and Briefs

IDC Link - Real-Time IDC Research Opinion on Catalyst Supercomputer
Cray Accelerates Energy Insight with NVIDIA® GPU Technology
Cutting-edge Test Bed Cluster Architecture Based on Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessor
Building a Data-Intensive Supercomputer Architecture for the National Research Community
Improving HPC Cluster Efficiency with 480V Power Supplies
HPC Software Requirements to Support an HPC Cluster Supercomputer

Articles and Press Releases