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Cray® CS400-LC™ Specifications

Architecture Liquid-cooled cluster architecture, up to 60 nodes per 42U rack
Building Block Platform

Cray GreenBlade System

Processor, Coprocessor and
Support for 12-core, 64-bit, Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v3 product family
Memory Up to 1,024 GB registered ECC DDR4 RAM per compute node using 16 x 64GB DDR4 DIMMs
and Networks
External I/O interface
10 GbE Ethernet
FDR InfiniBand with ConnectIB or QDR True Scale Host Channel Adapters
Options for single- or dual-rail fat tree or 3D torus
System Administration Advanced Cluster Engine (ACE™)
  • Complete remote management capability
  • Graphical and command line system administration
  • System software version rollback capability
  • Redundant management servers with automatic failover
  • Automatic discovery and status reporting of interconnect, server and storage hardware
  • Ability to detect hardware and interconnect topology configuration errors
  • Cluster partitioning into multiple logical clusters, each capable of hosting a unique software stack
  • Remote server control (power on/off, cycle) and remote server initialization (reset, reboot, shut down)
  • Scalable fast diskless booting for large node systems and root file systems for diskless nodes
Resource Management and
Job Scheduler

Options for SLURM, Altair PBS Professional, IBM Platform LSF, Adaptive Computing Torque, Maui and Moab, and
Grid Engine
Reliable, Available, Serviceable (RAS) Redundant power, cooling and management servers with failover capabilities
Redundant networks (InfiniBand, GbE and 10 GbE) with failover
All critical components easily accessible and hot swappable
File System Cray® Cluster Connect™ , Cray® Sonexion®, NFS, Local FS (Ext3, Ext4 XFS) Lustre® and Panasas® PanFS®
available as global file systems
Disk Storage Full line of FC-attached disk arrays with support for FC, SATA disk drives and SSDs
Operating System Red Hat, SUSE or CentOS
Performance Monitoring Tools
Open source packages such as HPCC, Perfctr, IOR, PAPI/IPM, netperf
Compilers, Libraries & Tools Options for Open MPI, MVAPICH2 or Intel MPI Libraries
Cray Compiler Environment (CCE), Cray LibSci, PGI, Intel Cluster Toolkit compilers, NVIDIA® CUDA™, CUDA C/
C++, Fortran
OpenCL, DirectCompute Toolkits, GNU, DDT, TotalView, OFED programming tools and many others
Power Up to 38 kW per cabinet depending on configuration
208V/230V/277V power
Optional 480V power distribution with 277V power supplies
Cooling Features Liquid cooled
Low-pressure secondary loop completely isolated from primary datacenter liquid loop
Field-serviceable cooling kits with integrated pressure and leak detection with remote monitoring
Cabinet Dimensions (HXWXD) 82.40” (2,093 mm) H x 23.62” (600 mm) W x 59.06” (1,500 mm) D standard 42U/19” rack cabinet
Cabinet Weight 1739 lbs.