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Cray® CS™ Cluster Supercomputer Series Optimized Solutions

The Cray® CS™ series optimized solutions are preconfigured systems for the most demanding data-intensive workloads that can’t be addressed by traditional multisocket servers.

CS-Storm Accelerator-Optimized Cluster Solution

As part of the Cray® CS™ cluster supercomputer series, Cray offers the CS-Storm cluster, an accelerator-optimized system that consists of multiple high-density multi-GPU server nodes, designed for massively parallel computing workloads.

Learn more about CS-Storm

CS SMP: Shared Memory Parallel System

The CS SMP system delivers large numbers of cores and large amounts of memory to speed up and run thousands of jobs simultaneously. It's built to address the demanding requirements of data analysis, simulations and research.

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CS LMS: Large Memory System

The CS LMS offers direct access to many terabytes of high-speed memory for workloads that do not need a large number of processors. It delivers fast turnaround for data analytics, visualization and research.

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