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Cray® CS™ SMP: Shared Memory Parallel System

The Cray® CS™ shared memory parallel (SMP) system delivers large numbers of cores and large amounts of memory for speeding up the most demanding technical computing workloads that can’t be addressed by traditional multisocket servers. Preconfigured as an optimized solution, the SMP system is based on configurations of the air-cooled Cray CS cluster supercomputer series utilizing vSMP Foundation™ software from ScaleMP™.

Offering users a single point of management with the combination of a large number of cores and memory, the CS SMP enables users to run hundreds to thousands of jobs or applications simultaneously to address data analysis and simulations for electronic design automation (EDA), mechanical CAE, bioinformatics, financial analysis and more.

Cray CS SMP Datasheet

Optimized Solution and Upgrade Options
Flexible Solutions


Base System

Upgrade Option

Built To Order


36 Intel® Xeon® E5 2680v2,
10-core, 2.8 GHz
360 cores, 720 threads

Additional 32 Intel® Xeon® E5 2680v2,
10-core, 2.8 GHz
Total with base system:
680 cores, 1360 threads

Hundreds of cores
Intel Xeon E5 or E7 series


4.75 TB

Additional 4TB
Total with base: 8.75TB

Up to 256 TB

Internal Storage

32 TB

Additional 16 TB
Total with base: 48 TB

Up to 384 TB internal storage

Peak DP Performance

8 TF

15.2 TF

Over 100 TF

Internal System Interconnect

Single- or dual-rail FDR IB switch and Ethernet management network

No additional networking required for upgrade

Up to quad-rail FDR IB interconnect

Software and OS

Preloaded with RedHat® OS and ScaleMP vSMP Foundation™ software

Preloaded with ScaleMP vSMP Foundation software

Capability of creating multiple SMP partitions dynamically

Support and Services

3 years hardware and software support
1 day of onsite installation

3 years hardware and software support on new hardware only; additional installation charge may apply if purchased separately from base system

Flexible support with Installation services and training available