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Cray XE6 and Cray XE6m Resources

Product Brochures

Cray XE6 Brochure
Cray XE6m Brochure

White Papers and Reports

Using HPC to Up the Formula Racing Game
Computational Considerations for High Resolution Global Weather Forecasts at KMA
Cray-Altair Optimized Resource and Workload Management Solution
Operational Numerical Weather Prediction Job Scheduling at the Petascale
Cray Supercomputers in Climate, Weather and Ocean Modeling
Superordenadores Cray en la Modelización Climática, Oceanográfica y del Tiempo
High-End HPC Heats Up: Cray and the Path to Exascale Computing - IDC Vendor Spotlight
Meeting the Demands of Computer Cooling with Superior Efficiency - Cray White Paper
Petascale Opportunities for Numerical Weather Prediction

Technology Briefs

Cray Helps Tune Ray De Novo Genomic Assembler Software

Videos video

Applications for Cray Systems

Adaptive Computing: Moab HPC Suite for Cray
Allinea Development Tools for Cray Supercomputers
Altair PBS Professional for Cray
ANSYS Fluent for Cray
Rogue Wave Products Engineered for Cray

Customer Case Studies

Cray System “Blue Waters” Helps Researchers Develop a Defense Against Damaging Space Weather Using Cray System “Blue Waters,” Researchers Break the HIV Capsid Code and Open the Door to New Virus-Busting Therapies
Four Large-Scale Science Applications Sustain 1+ Petaflops on Cray XE/XK System “Blue Waters”
Cray Customizes a Compute and Storage Solution for the Korea Meteorological Administration
Cray Helps Scale Up the UPSCALE Climate Project
Using HPC to Up the Formula Racing Game
KMA and Cray Joint Earth System Research Center
Boron Nitride and the Nanoribbons of Tomorrow
Defending Earth Against Space Weather
"Hopper" Helps Speed ID-ing of Extreme Weather Events
Boeing Uses "Jaguar" to Improve Aerodynamics Codes
Researchers Model Hurricanes Using "Jaguar" and Airplanes
Simulations Speed Design of Power and Propulsion Devices
At Solar System's Edge, There Be...Bubbles?
LED Lighting Comes Out of the Dark
Using 'Franklin,' Scientists Link Cyclones to Pliocene Warming
"Jaguar" Helps Solve the Curious Case of Germanium-72
ORNL and Purdue Explore Technology at the Nanoscale
ORNL's Cray XT "Jaguar" Helps BMI Win Award, Nation Save Fuel
Using "Jaguar," Researchers Shed Light on Astrophysics' Dark Spot - Turbulence
KMA Leads Asia-Pacific with New Supercomputing Power
Multinational Effort Tackles Climate Change Prediction
Predicting the Magnitude of Large Impact Earthquakes
Producing More Accurate Weather Forecasts
University of Stuttgart's High Performance Computing Center Utilizes Cray XT5m Supercomputer to Push the Boundaries of Scientific Knowledge