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Cray XE6 Specifications

Processor 16-core 64-bit AMD Opteron 6300 Series processors; up to 192 per cabinet
8x64 KB L1 instruction cache, 16x16 KB L1 data cache, 8x2 MB L2 cache per processor core, 2x8 MB shared L3 cache
Memory 32 GB or 64 GB registered ECC DDR3 SDRAM per compute node
Memory Bandwidth: up to 102.4 GB/s per node
Compute Cabinet 3072 processor cores per system cabinet
Peak Performance: up to 30.7 teraflops per system cabinet
Interconnect 1 Gemini routing and communications ASIC per two compute nodes
48 switch ports per Gemini chip (160 GB/s switching capacity per chip)
3-D torus interconnect
System Administration Cray System Management workstation
Graphical and command line system administration
Single-system view for system administration
System software rollback capability
Reliability Features (Hardware) Cray Hardware Supervisory System (HSS) with independent 100 Mb/s management fabric between all system blades and cabinet-level controllers
Full ECC protection of all packet traffic in the Gemini network
Redundant power supplies; redundant voltage regulator modules
Redundant paths to all system RAID
Variable-speed axial turbofan with integrated pressure and temperature sensors
Reliability Features (Software) HSS system monitors operation of all operating system kernels
Lustre file system object storage target failover; Lustre metadata server failover
Software failover for critical system services including system database, system logger, and batch subsystems
NodeKARE (Node Knowledge and Reconfiguration)
Operating System Cray Linux Environment (components include SUSE Linux SLES11, HSS and SMW software)
Extreme Scalability Mode (ESM) and Cluster Compatibility Mode (CCM)
Compilers, Libraries & Tools PGI compilers, Cray Compiler Environment, PathScale
Support for the ISO Fortran standard (2008) including parallel programming using coarrays, C/C++ and UPC
MPI 2.0, Cray SHMEM, other standard MPI libraries using CCM
Cray Apprentice, Cray PAT and Cray Compiler included with systems
Job Management PBS Professional job management system
Moab Adaptive Computing Suite job management system
Platform LSF job management system
External I/O Interface InfiniBand, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, Fibre Channel (FC) and Ethernet
Disk Storage Full line of FC-attached disk arrays with support for FC and SATA disk drives
Parallel File System Lustre, Data Virtualization Service allows support for NFS, external Lustre and other file systems
Power 45-54.1 kW (45.9 - 55.2 kVA) per cabinet, depending on configuration
Circuit requirements: three-phase wye, 100 AMP at 480/277 and 125 AMP at 400/230 (three-phase, neutral and ground)
Cooling Air-cooled, air flow: 3,000 cfm (1.41 m3/s); intake: bottom; exhaust: top
Optional ECOphlex liquid cooling
Dimensions (Cabinet) H 93 in. (2,362 mm) x W 22.50 in. (572 mm) x D 56.75 in. (1,441 mm)
Weight (Maximum) 1,600 lbs. per cabinet (725 kg) air cooled; 2,000 lbs. per cabinet (907 kg) liquid cooled
Regulatory Compliance UL 60950-1, CAN/CSA - C 22.2 No. 60950-1, CE-mark, RoHS, WEEE
Safety FCC Class A, VCCI Class A, ICES-003, EN 50022:2006 Class A, AS/NZS CISPR 22:2006, EN 55024: 1998 +A1:2001 +A2:2003