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Big Data Storage

Cray is your trusted expert in complete and open storage solutions for Big Data and HPC. Cray helps you utilize the right storage, build on open systems and get results faster.

Big Data often requires Big I/O — and Big Data Storage. Cray provides massively scalable and flexible Big Data storage. Cray offers a fully integrated Lustre system for Big Data Storage called Cray Sonexion. Cray’s Lustre solutions are also fully qualified for DDN SFA and NetApp E-Series storage systems.

"At Cray, we discuss Big Data in the context of Volume, Velocity, and Variety. By Volume we mean the storage system should have the ability to process large quantities of data. Velocity is the rate at which the data is growing. Variety represents the forms, shapes and relationships of the data. Cray is doing quite a bit to enhance all three."

—Barry Bolding, VP, Storage & Data Management, Cray Inc.

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Best Practices in Big Data Storage
Excerpt from Datanami's Best Practices in Big Data Storage

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    Big Data Storage in Action

Cray Sonexion Integrated Massively Scalable Storage System

Cray's Lustre-based Open Systems Storage Platform

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Scientific Computing's HPC Source: Scalable Storage Solutions for Big Data and HPC, presented by Scientific Computing