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Lustre® Leadership

Lustre is the file system of choice for the world’s fastest supercomputers, powering over 60 percent of the top 100 systems. That number is growing and expanding to Big Data and high performance computing (HPC) deployments not measured on the TOP500® list. Lustre provides the world’s leading storage I/O scalability and is the file system of choice for the majority of Cray’s customers.

Cray’s Lustre model ensures stability and validation of real-world customer configurations through extreme testing, software enhancement and collaborative innovation. Cray aggressively tests, validates and updates Lustre — delivering changes back into the common Lustre source base through a key consortium for advancing Lustre called OpenSFS (Open Scalable File Systems). As an original founder and board member of OpenSFS, Cray jointly leads and funds development of key features to ensure Lustre's success.

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