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Data Management Platform

Cray offers a suite of data management and storage connectivity products and services enabling data movement and management of third-party storage platforms. Cray's data management platform provides flexibility and choice which can be tailored to customer-specific requirements.

Cray's data management platform includes the following benefits:

  • Choice of storage: Utilize deployed investments and flexibly manage data across a variety of storage platforms
  • Data movement for a range of use cases and workflows: ingest, processing, archiving and distribution
  • Single point of contact, support and expertise provided by Cray
  • Flexible connectivity options for backup/restore and hierarchical storage management (HSM)

Cray's data management platform includes the following products:

Cray Data Movers provide data movement and connectivity to third-party storage systems. Cray’s platform for data movement supports a range of workflows, including: data collection or ingest, data sharing across file systems, distribution and archiving. Connectivity services include backup/restore and interface to HSM. Benefits of Cray Data Movers include:

  • Utilize deployed storage investments and flexibly move data across third-party file systems and storage platforms
  • Choice of storage and HSM
  • Simplified data movement across file systems
  • Workflow-agnostic platform for developing custom data movement solutions

Lustre File System by Cray: Cray’s Lustre expertise provides a high degree of flexibility in block storage selection, component configuration and system management. Customers gain flexibility by choosing their own brand of storage — while also utilizing Cray's best practices for Lustre. Cray pre-validates storage platforms and designs the right Lustre solution using Cray software and best practices

Cray Development and Login provides a powerful, secure, multi-user development platform delivered externally from Cray supercomputers. This powerful programming environment operates independently of specialized compute resources. The platform provides a powerful and highly configurable debugging and compilation tool set, making it easy to meet unique application programming needs.

Cray Routing Services: Cray’s expertise in highly scalable networking architectures helps customers non-disruptively scale InfiniBand networks, isolate operations, and route between 10/40GbE networks and InfiniBand.

Cray Management Services is a centralized management platform system provisioning, health monitoring, high availability management, power management and reporting. Cray’s management services enable central management of other external services products provided with Cray’s Data Management Platform through an easy-to-use, standards-based web management system.

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