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Cray Tiered Adaptive Storage

Cray Tiered Adaptive Storage (TAS) provides a complete and open archiving solution for Big Data and HPC. Powered by Versity’s open storage virtualization technology, data migration policies enable transparent data movement across up to 4 storage tiers comprised of SSD, disk, and/or tape.
Cray TAS provides a large-scale active archiving solution which is:
  • Complete: All software and hardware comes pre-configured, tested at scale, and deployment-ready.
  • Adaptive: Customers choose optimal and flexible storage configurations utilizing SSD, disk, or tape, in prescribed combinations. 
  • Familiar: Data movement policies (such as Archive, Stage, Release) are easy to administer—and transparent to end-users.
  • Trusted: Data is continuously protected and accessible to users at scale.  A single point of support is provided by Cray for all aspects of the solution.

“Based on open standards, TAS is built to serve large-scale enterprise and HPC data sets with a need for unified data access. As such, it offers one of the most advanced and full-featured tiered storage solutions in the industry.”

—Michael Feldman, Senior Analyst, Intersect360 Research

Benefits include:

Easy to use

  • End-users know where to find data; spend less time managing it
  • Application managers maintain current best practices
  • Storage operators spend less time integrating and managing storage

Reduce costs

  • Eliminates planning, configuration, integration, testing
  • Reduces deployment investment & cost
  • Simplifies management
  • Single point of support for entire solution (software and hardware)

Preserve data indefinitely

  • Data always protected and available
  • Storage infrastructure fully upgradeable