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Cray XC30 SupercomputerThe Cray XC30 series is Cray’s next-generation supercomputing system. Known as the "Cascade" program while under development, the Cray XC30 system represents the culmination of a powerful industry collaboration and cutting-edge HPC research and development. Capable of sustained multi-petaflops performance on real-world applications, the Cray XC30 supercomputer features a hybrid architecture combining multiple processor technologies, a high performance network and a high performance computing-optimized operating system and programming environment.

Cascade Overview


Chapel Chapel is an emerging programming language designed to improve the programmability of large-scale parallel computer systems. An open-source effort led by Cray Inc. and supported by a rich community of collaborators, Chapel’s primary goal is to increase the productivity of high-end computer users by making it easier to write, read, modify, port, tune and maintain parallel programs.

Chapel Overview
Chapel Website


OpenSFSOpenSFS is a non-profit technical organization focused on supporting high-end, open-source file system technologies and maintaining their open-source nature. The group is driving the parallel file system roadmap with an initial focus on the Lustre parallel file system.

OpenSFS Overview
OpenSFS Website


OpenACCOpenACC is a non-profit organization founded with the purpose of advancing directives-based programming methodology for enabling accelerators in hybrid HPC systems. Offloading specific loops and regions of code from the CPU to an attached accelerator can greatly improve performance.

OpenACC Overview
OpenACC Website


OpenStack is a foundation providing a coordinated set of open source projects that provide the software to build and manage private and public computing environments. Cray is collaborating with OpenStack to leverage common open source system management components and to enable the benefits of industry standardization in high performance computing.

OpenStack Website