Machine Learning, Haystacks and Conversing Cars … at SC16


“Sometimes it’s harder to find the haystack than it is to find the needle” was our favorite quote from SC16 on Wednesday. Once again, SC16 is living up to its theme of “HPC Matters,” with speakers sharing examples from almost every area of daily life. Mark Staveley, Cray’s director of product management for machine learning, made the “haystack” comment while sharing insights on machine learning Wednesday at a Tech Talk at the Cray booth. For Mark’s brief intro to machine learning, check out this video. The Cray booth also hosted a Tech Talk by our friend Eric Lequiniou of Altair called “Can We Talk? Simulating Car-to-Car Communications with a Cray XC40.” Cray and Altair are using electromagnetic simulation to improve the design and ... [ Read More ]

Safe Data, Better Products and Precision Medicine: SC16 Spotlights HPC Achievements

Cray CTO Steve Scott

The ideas and achievements are flying at SC16, the international supercomputing convention running in Salt Lake City this week. And Cray is honored to be involved in so many of the ideas and achievements that its customers are talking about at the event, such as: Upping the game against cyber threats. Eric Dull of Deloitte Advisory Cyber Risk Services described Deloitte’s partnership with Cray, which is applying Cray’s supercomputing expertise to the ever-growing problems of cyber crime. Groundbreaking advancements in product development: ANSYS announced today that it had set a new supercomputing world record by scaling ANSYS® Fluent® to over 172,000 computer cores on the HLRS supercomputer “Hazel Hen,” a Cray® XC40™ system. This ... [ Read More ]

NCSA Celebrates 30 Years


Congratulations to the National Center for Supercomputing Applications on their 30th anniversary of solving complex problems in science and society. Cray and NCSA have grown together over three decades of high performance computing leadership. Their Cray “Blue Waters” petascale supercomputer powers research in the U.S. academic community and enables innovation in a broad range of areas including disease modeling, Arctic mapping and predicting solar superstorms. ... [ Read More ]

Graph: The Missing Link in Big Data Analytics


Graph analytics is gaining traction in the world of big data and IoT. From solving real-world problems such as detecting cyberattacks and creating value from IoT sensor data to precisely identifying drug interactions faster than ever before, graph has become a powerhouse in detecting never-before-seen connections and emergent patterns. It’s critical to understand how graph can be added to traditional Hadoop® and Spark™ workflows for successful results. Join us Wednesday, March 16, for a live online chat, “Graph: The Missing Link in Big Data Analytics,” to learn and discuss all things graph analytics. You can easily participate using a Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook account. Hear from industry experts from Deloitte, Mphasis and Cray who ... [ Read More ]

Seymour Cray Award Nominations Due July 1


The IEEE Computer Society is accepting nominations for its annual Seymour Cray Computer Engineering Award, named in honor of Cray’s founder, who is frequently called the “father of supercomputing.” The society is also accepting awards for its 2015 Sidney Fernbach Award and Ken Kennedy Award (in conjunction with the Association for Computing Machinery). Nominations are due by July 1. The Seymour Cray Award recognizes “innovative contributions to high performance computing systems that best exemplify the creative spirit demonstrated by Seymour Cray.” It was instituted in 1997, a year after Cray died. Cray’s own Steve Scott, chief technology officer, received the award in 2005, "For advancing supercomputer architecture through the ... [ Read More ]