When Surgery and Big Data Collide

My mom thought she had bronchitis.  Turns out she needed a quadruple bypass.  So I’ve been spending a lot of time in the hospital recently.  It’s amazing that they can perform this surgery–when the doctors were describing how they do it, I’m sure ... [ Read More ]

What’s in a (Supercomputer) Name?


Think “discovery” and you can see why NERSC, the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center, names their supercomputers after famous scientists and inventors. Operated by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and serving the Department of ... [ Read More ]

Sochi or S—Oh no!—chi?


I love the spirit surrounding the Olympic Games; in fact, I’ve been fascinated by their cultural significance ever since I learned about first Olympics in Ancient Greek history. A sporting event so important that the ancients dated their calendar ... [ Read More ]

Infographic: The Cray Transformation

The Cray Transformation

At Cray, we have been building high-performance computing systems for more than 40 years. Over that time, we have stood firm at the cutting edge of technology developments, providing our customers with the tools they need to solve some of the most ... [ Read More ]

Another Exciting Year

Pete's Blog_holiday 2013

As we near the end of 2013, Cray is closing out one of the most transformative years in our long and proud history. In just this year alone, we successfully integrated two strategic acquisitions, won a number of large supercomputing contracts at ... [ Read More ]

‘Tis the Season for Graph Analytics!


At Cray we believe that graphs are everywhere. It’s easy to identify them in social networks, genomes, and unstructured text documents, but we’re always looking for new and interesting ways to spot graphs. Hence why I’ve taken on the role as a ... [ Read More ]

‘Tis the Season for Graph Analytics!

YarcData Christmas Blog_ 2013

Over at the YarcData blog, Alyssa Jarrett explains why even Santa needs a Urika appliance to help get him through this tumultuous time of year.  With variables that may interfere with Santa's travels ranging from unexpected blizzards to Rudolph ... [ Read More ]

Moneyball? It’s not just for sports!

OK, a trivia question for you sports buffs:   how many of you can recount the premise of the movie Moneyball? For those not in the know, Moneyball is the story of a Major League Baseball team, the Oakland Athletics, who leveraged the power of data ... [ Read More ]

It’s A Wrap

SC13 026_small

And another successful SC conference comes to a close. We had a fabulous week at SC13 with a busy booth and even busier briefing rooms. It all started off with a bang on Monday night with the unveiling of our new booth where we served up free ... [ Read More ]

OpenACC 2.0 Elucidated

Software V2.0

In a recent blog post, David Wallace discussed the importance of OpenACC and how it is impacting the industry as a whole. Here, I will be focusing on the recently released OpenACC 2.0, its features and benefits, primary purpose, and discussions on ... [ Read More ]

What’s Around the Corner?

SC13 logo_ blue

It starts with the excitement and anticipation. Then it’s down to business — making lists, counting days, packing and shipping, and maybe just a little bit of stress. No, I’m not talking about getting ready for the holidays. I’m talking about ... [ Read More ]