Cray solutions featuring the latest Intel Xeon processors

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Cray and Intel Supercomputing Solutions

Cray and Intel work together to create innovative supercomputer solutions featuring performance, scalability and reliability. These supercomputer solutions feature the latest Intel® Xeon® processors and Intel® Xeon Phi™ processors delivering high computer density, best performance per watt and high-performance network connectivity. With a solution for every budget and configuration requirement, Cray and Intel make it easy to take advantage of the latest advances in high performance computing, be it “multicore” devices, “many-core” technologies or integrated hybrid systems of both types to deliver optimized performance to satisfy your varied applications.

Cray® XC™ Series Supercomputers

The Cray® XC™ series uses industry-leading Intel Xeon processors in a high-end supercomputer line, scaling in excess of 1 million cores.

Enabled by a robust Intel processor road map, Aries™ high-performance interconnect and flexible Dragonfly network topology, the Cray® XC40™ supercomputer provides low latency and scalable global bandwidth to satisfy the most challenging multi-petaflops applications.

The XC series architecture implements four compute nodes per compute blade (dual-socket Intel Xeon processors or single-socket Intel Xeon Phi processors per node). For high-density XC series liquid-cooled configurations, compute blades stack horizontally in eight pairs (16 to a chassis), and each cabinet can be populated with up to three chassis. Technical enterprise, commercial and other smaller footprint environments can utilize air-cooled XC series cabinets leveraging the same compute blades stacked vertically in lower-density, single-chassis configurations.

Designed for upgradability, future XC series processor upgrades will boost clock frequency and bump the number of embedded cores, accelerating overall system performance. The open architecture of the Cray XC40 series offers intranode flexibility, empowering users with the option to run applications with either scalar or accelerator processing elements depending on their requirements for parallelism.

Cray® CS™ Series Cluster Supercomputers

The Cray® CS400™ cluster supercomputer is an energy-efficient system featuring Intel Xeon processors for industry-leading performance and Intel Omni-Path Architecture (Intel OPA) HPC Fabric for high performance computing (HPC) workloads and the ability to scale to tens of thousands of nodes.

The Cray® CS400-AC™ system is our air-cooled cluster supercomputer. Designed to offer the widest possible choice of configurations, it is a highly scalable and modular platform based on the latest x86 processing and accelerator technologies from Intel.

The Cray® CS400-LC™ system, compared to traditional air-cooled clusters, can deliver three times greater energy efficiency with immediate to one-year payback cycles typical.

Cray® Urika®-GX Agile Analytics Platform

The Cray® Urika®-GX platform is designed for serious agility. This advanced platform has an unprecedented combination of versatility and speed to tackle your largest problems at super scale and uncover hidden patterns with a fast time to insight, up and running in days. Featuring Intel Xeon processors and Intel solid state drives (SSDs), the Urika-GX system unleashes the full promise of big data — blending a supercomputing approach in an enterprise-accessible format.