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Amazing Stories with Cray Technology

People do amazing things with Cray technology. They fight famine, predict weather and improve drug discovery success rates.

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Case Studies

Amazing recoveries.

Dr. Ralf Schneider of the High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart is improving bone fracture treatment and shortening recovery time. See the full story.

Amazing engines.

Dr. Brian Mitchell and his team develop the CFD software GE uses to design quieter, more durable and more efficient jet engines. See the full story.

Amazing clarity.

Sverre Brandsberg-Dahl and the team at PGS are generating high resolution 3-D seismic images that more accurately locate oil and gas resources. See the full story.

Amazing transparency.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign researchers Wendy K. Tam Cho and Yan Liu are restoring fairness to electoral district boundaries. See the full story.

Amazing impact.

Dr. Laura Boykin of the University of Western Australia and Dr. Titus Alicai of Uganda‘s NaCRRI are fighting famine in East Africa. See the full story.

Amazing forecasts.

Helen Roberts and the Met Office are safeguarding lives and livelihoods with advanced weather forecasts. See the full story.

Amazing therapies.

Dr. William Loging of Mt. Sinai Hospital is improving drug discovery success rates through better understanding of precision therapies. See the full story.