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Argonne National Laboratory selected a 180+ petaflop next-generation Cray supercomputer, code-named “Shasta,” to advance the future of computational research across a broad range of sciences.

India’s First Petaflop Supercomputer

SERC selected a 1.4 petaflop Cray® XC40™ supercomputer, targeting applications for both government agencies and commercial companies.

Our most powerful technology

The world’s fastest production supercomputers just got two times faster. With Intel® Xeon® Haswell processors and adaptive I/O accelerator technology, the Cray® XC40™ supercomputer sets the new performance standard.

Simplify. Scale. Protect.

The new Cray® Sonexion® 2000 scale-out Lustre® storage system delivers 50 percent more performance and capacity in the same footprint than the Sonexion 1600.

Extreme Analytics

The Cray® Urika-XA™ extreme analytics platform helps you generate valuable business insight from the most advanced analytics workloads. Pre-integrated and open, the platform delivers unrivaled performance today and the flexibility to support next-generation environments tomorrow.

Maximize your productivity

Industry standards-based and highly customizable, the Cray® CS™ series cluster supercomputers get you to solution faster.

Compute. Store. Analyze.

Go ahead and ask the impossible. Our comprehensive portfolio of supercomputing, storage and data analytics solutions is designed to answer the world’s toughest questions.

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June 02, 2015
Cray Global Growth Continues with Opening of New EMEA Headquarters in the United Kingdom
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May 11, 2015
Cray Installs India's First Petaflop Supercomputer at the Indian Institute of Science
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May 05, 2015
Cray Inc. Reports First Quarter Financial Results
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Jun 2, 2015 - Jun 3, 2015
Detroit, MI
Jun 9, 2015 - Jun 11, 2015
San Jose, CA
Jun 15, 2015 - Jun 17, 2015
Würzburg, Germany
11:55 AM Jun 3, 2015
NCSA Scales CD-adapco’s STAR-CCM+ to New World Record of 102,000 Cores on Blue Waters
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9:05 AM Jun 3, 2015
Creating solar superstorms with @NCSAatIllinois's Blue Waters supercomputer
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7:54 AM Jun 3, 2015
RT @insiderswest: #ICYMI @JustEatUK and @cray_inc sign up at Bristol office building
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Preparing the Cray XC “Shaheen II” System for Shipment to KAUST

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Cray and Altair: Improving the Design of Subsea Riser Systems

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LS-DYNA Scalability Analysis on Cray Supercomputers

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Cray Powers Discovery

Cray supercomputing keeps our clients on the leading edge of discovery.

Enabling Scientific Breakthroughs at the Petascale

If you think the requirements for enterprise storage systems are growing at a dizzying pace, try these numbers on for size...

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Mapping the Earth's Sub-surface

PGS and Cray will enable oil and gas companies to explore and produce offshore reserves worldwide.

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KMA Leads Asia-Pacific with New Supercomputing Power

As one of the world's leading operational meteorology and climate research services, the Korea Meteorological Administration...

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The San Diego Supercomputer Center takes on Big Data challenges

The volume of data generated today is challenging the computing capability of traditional FLOPS-based systems and...

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