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Our supercomputing, storage, and data analytics technologies deliver the uncompromising performance, scalability and adaptability that boost your productivity, maximize your investment — and get superior results.


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Get everything you need for your most challenging computing and analysis problems from the company that has been leading the way in supercomputing for more than 40 years.

It takes many years and many generations of technology developments to be a successful supercomputing provider. With every Cray system, you get the benefit of decades of supercomputing experience. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of supercomputer, storage and data analytics solutions for a range of budgets. All hardware and software is integrated, and every solution comes with the assurance of Cray support.

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Cray Powers Discovery

Cray supercomputing keeps our clients on the leading edge of discovery.

Enabling Scientific Breakthroughs at the Petascale

If you think the requirements for enterprise storage systems are growing at a dizzying pace, try these numbers on for size...

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Improving the Design of Subsea Riser Systems

With Cray and Altair, engineers have the computational systems they need to perform advanced subsea computational fluid...

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KMA Leads Asia-Pacific with New Supercomputing Power

As one of the world᠆s leading operational meteorology and climate research services, the Korea Meteorological Administration...

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The San Diego Supercomputer Center takes on Big Data challenges

The volume of data generated today is challenging the computing capability of traditional FLOPS-based systems and...

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