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Cray Storage and Data Management

Cray is the world's leading provider of supercomputing-class storage and data management solutions for big data and HPC. Cray's scalable storage solutions for high-performance and data-intensive workflows are optimized to deliver results at any scale.

Cray storage solutions are founded on:

  • Leadership in parallel file systems, scale-out storage systems and end-to-end parallel system architectures
    "LANL has been investigating burst buffer capabilities for years and the Cray DataWarp technology in the Trinity system will provide the first multi-petabyte multi-terabyte/sec IO burst handling capacity, ever."
    — Gary Grider, HPC Division Leader, LANL
  • Credibility earned over the years through knowledge, innovation and customer commitment
    "Cray was chosen at Pawsey because Cray is the most credible and reliable partner and best understood our requirements. Knowing we have Cray on site is very important. If Cray can't do it, nobody can."
    — Dr. George Beckett, iVEC Deputy Director and Head of Supercomputing Team
  • Reducing time to results for the most demanding data-intensive and high velocity applications and workflows
    "Some of the Science teams have been able to do 3 years worth of work in 3 months."
    — Michelle Butler, Head of Storage and Networking, NCSA Blue Waters

Cray storage solutions address all aspects of data-intensive workflows, from high-performance storage to deep tape archive. Cray’s holistic knowledge of parallel file systems, storage networking, storage systems and archiving enables customers to solve the world’s most challenging problems, faster — reducing time-to-results by up to 24 times — and preserve all that data.

Learn more about Cray Sonexion and Cray Tiered Adaptive Storage

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