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Big data is here and getting bigger.
We saw it coming decades ago.

As a supercomputer maker we’ve been delivering the massive analytic processing power required by scientists and engineers for the last 40 years. Today, we’ve harnessed those decades of know-how in our data discovery and big data analytics solutions.

Cray® Urika®-GX Agile Analytics Platform

To unleash the full promise of big data, only a supercomputing approach in an enterprise-accessible format will provide the agility and performance required for high-frequency insights. As a follow-on to its Urika®-GD and Urika®-XA data analytics systems, Cray has fused supercomputing with an open, standards-based framework to deliver the Urika®-GX system, the industry’s first agile analytics platform. Tackle your largest problems at super scale and uncover hidden patterns with a fast time to insight.

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Cray Graph Engine

Cray’s unique approach to graph analytics leverages high-performance hardware and decades of experience with big data and pattern recognition, combined with industry-standard software engineered for sophisticated graph analytics. The result is the Cray Graph Engine (CGE). CGE lets you analyze data using pattern matching and filtering, sophisticated graph algorithms and analysis, in a powerful, interactive system that scales to graphs with billions of edges.

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