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Big data is here and getting bigger.
We saw it coming decades ago.

As a supercomputer maker we’ve been delivering the massive analytic processing power required by scientists and engineers for the last 40 years. Today, we’ve harnessed those decades of know-how in our data analytics and data discovery solutions.

Cray® Urika®-XA Extreme Analytics Platform

Our Urika®-XA extreme analytics platform gives you unmatched flexibility and performance on the most advanced analytics workloads. This turnkey architecture comes pre-integrated with Hadoop® and Spark™ frameworks yet is versatile enough to support next-generation environments. Optimized for compute-heavy, memory-centric analytics, the Urika-XA platform delivers excellent performance on the widest range of analytics applications.

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Urika®-GD Graph Discovery Appliance

Our Urika®-GD graph discovery appliance addresses the most complex problems in advanced analytics — interactive data discovery with graphs. Use this enterprise-ready appliance to discover unknown and hidden relationships in big data, perform real-time analytics, and shorten your discovery cycle and time to insight.

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