Urika-GD Graph Discovery Appliance

Purpose-built solution for big data graph analytics

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The Urika®-GD graph discovery appliance is a purpose-built solution for big data relationship analytics.

The Urika®-GD appliance enables enterprises to:

  • Discover unknown and hidden relationships and patterns in big data
  • Build a relationship warehouse, supporting inferencing/deduction, pattern-based queries and intuitive visualization
  • Perform real-time analytics on the largest and most complex graph problems

The Urika-GD system is a high performance graph appliance with a large shared memory and massively multithreaded custom processor designed for graph processing and scalable I/O.

With its industry-standard, open-source software stack enabling reuse of existing skill sets and no lock in, the Urika-GD appliance is easy to adopt.

The Urika-GD appliance complements an existing data warehouse or Hadoop® cluster by offloading graph workloads and interoperating within the existing enterprise analytics workflow.

Realize rapid time to powerful new insights.

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The Cray Urika-GD appliance is built for the challenges of the discovery process, transforming massive amounts of seemingly unrelated data into relevant insights.

Urika-GD Technical Specifications

Specs for the system's analytics platform, database and application services.

Real-Time Discovery in Big Data Using the Urika-GD Appliance

Cray’s Urika-GD appliance is built to meet the challenging requirements of discovery.

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Through engagements with its customers and partners, Cray has applied graph analytics to computer network analysis, helping identify threats and risks to enterprise-scale networks. 

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Top challenges for real-time data discovery…and how we solve them

Analysts set out to reach “Eureka!” moments through big data discovery. They endeavor to use data to iteratively search for relationships and patterns that lead to new insights, new questions and different paths of inquiry. In short, they embark on a mission of discovery using data.

They will inevitably deal with significant challenges if they attempt big data discovery using traditional data analytics processing. You see, traditional analytics processing is all about orderly data. Know what information you’ll need in advance. Line it all up in rows and columns. Build a schema; predict the sources; plan the reports; control the ad-hoc queries.

Discovery, on the other hand, is “messy.” Always has been. That’s why the big “Eureka!” moments from history are mostly accidents. Purposeful discovery done today with data is no different in this regard. It’s answering one question to come up with another, going down one path of inquiry to end up on a new one, and postulating a new theory after validating — or not — the idea that came before.

That’s why this thing called data discovery is hard. Traditional data analytics constrain it. And that’s why we built the Urika®-GD data discovery appliance, a solution that melds what data discovery truly is with the hardware and software combination to truly deliver it.

Here’s how the Urika-GD appliance addresses the top three challenges of big data discovery.

  1. Discovery cannot know all the data relationships in advance. That’s the essence of discovery – to find these out as you go, as you add more and diverse sources of data to your analytics engine, and as you perform pattern-matching queries to surface previously unknown linkages between the data.

    The Urika-GD appliance solves this with a schema-free, in-memory graph analytics database. You can add structured, semistructured and unstructured data as you ingest it. The system’s powerful graph processing engine will bring your growing set of data relationships to the surface in response to your queries.
  2. Discovery wants to ask questions followed by more questions. It is an iterative process that depends on real-time responses to explore data relationships and patterns. These types of database queries are by definition ad-hoc, crafted on the fly, with no consideration for being “well-behaved” within a schema.

    The Urika-GD appliance has a special hardware accelerator tuned to optimize its large, shared memory and massively multithreaded architecture. Results from queries are returned in real time; performance remains predictable even as the data model grows, freeing the inquisitor to seamlessly follow breadcrumbs to “Eureka!”
  3. Discovery doesn’t access data in a predictable way. Its access never shows a pattern. You can’t know what to pre-fetch or cache. But it can’t be left this way. There’s a lot of data access going on to find all those relationships and to expose all those patterns within massive amounts of constantly changing data. And real-time response is still required.

    The Urika-GD system meets this demand with a data model held completely in memory, one that can scale up to 512 TB if needed. But it doesn’t stop there. Finding all the linkages among that data requires a lot of fetching and processing. That’s why the Urika appliance can go up to 8,192 graph accelerator processors, each one doing 128 independent threads of work at the same time.

We can’t change the essence of discovery to fit an analytics engine and still call it discovery. We get it. That’s why we built the Urika-GD real-time platform for big data discovery.

Purpose built: Cray does data discovery better than anyone

Cray has packaged the power of real-time data discovery into an enterprise-ready big data analytics appliance. The Urika®-GD data discovery appliance ingests data and optimizes discovery from multiple, arbitrary sources, allowing your analysts to quickly load data, test hypotheses and reconfigure datasets without the need of a schema or having to craft complex, cumbersome SQL queries.

The Urika-GD appliance’s schema-free architecture, large shared memory and highly scalable I/O enables the fusion of diverse datasets without the analyst having to first lay out the data or predict the relationships – or even know all the questions to ask upfront. It’s truly an engine that delivers on the promise of big data to accelerate finding linkages between, and gaining new insights from, disparate sources of information and data.

Cray has delivered the massive analytic processing power required by scientists and engineers for more than 40 years. We’ve harnessed those decades of analytic processing know-how to provide organizations of all kinds with the Urika data discovery platform. The Urika-GD appliance finds the unknown linkages between data that sets you on your way to new insights…new discoveries…maybe even amazing breakthroughs.

Easy to deploy into your existing analytical infrastructure

You want to perform big data discovery…not build a big data discovery engine.

We get it. That’s why we built our Urika®-GD data discovery solution as an appliance. We’ve already built the discovery engine that’s right for big data. We’ve already architected the large, high performance memory, extreme processing power and massive multithreading required to surface data relationships and patterns from massive amounts of diverse data sources.

We’ve already integrated our powerful purpose-built hardware with a software stack that knows how to get every cycle out of it for the real-time performance demanded by big data discovery. Our graph analytics database is tuned specifically to fully utilize the massive multithreading and highly parallel processing capabilities of our discovery engine.

We know you’ve got to integrate data into our discovery platform from many different sources. And that you likely have to consider offloading processing from other analytic solutions. That’s why our software stack is standards based, adhering to the W3C specifications for RDF and SPARQL used for graph analytics processing.

All of this adds up to a complete package we deliver where all the hardware, software and management tools for big data discovery are already integrated, tested and optimized. You get an easy-to-deploy, purpose-built appliance that delivers rapid time to value and a single point of support.

Your analysts can be up and running within hours of your Urika-GD appliance installation.

Product Literature

Urika-GD Product Brief

The Cray Urika-GD appliance is built for the challenges of the discovery process, transforming massive amounts of seemingly unrelated data into relevant insights.

Urika-GD Technical Specifications

Specs for the system's analytics platform, database and application services.

Solution Briefs

Accelerating Cancer Research: Using a Big Data Approach

The ISB team worked with Cray to develop an innovative, real-time approach to cancer research discovery using the Urika-GD™ graph analytics appliance.

Customer Analytics: Be “in the know” now: automatically uncover customer trends and insights

The Urika-GD graph analytics appliance ingests and optimizes discovery analytics for massive amounts of data from multiple, arbitrary sources.

Cyberattacks: Discovering and stopping new forms of cyberattacks before they can cause harm

The government security analysts turned to Cray’s Urika-GD appliance to enable real-time discovery of cyberattacks.

Cybersecurity: Resources to develop and deliver solutions

A team of government security analysts facing challenges turned to Cray’s Urika-GD graph analytics appliance to enable real-time discovery of suspicious network activity.

Forbidden Queries: Forbidden No More: Removing the restrictions on ad-hoc analytic queries

A major financial services organization augmented its existing analytic environment with Cray’s Urika-GD appliance to enable complex ad-hoc analytics in real time.

Market Sensing — Important relationships in financial data to reduce risk and maximize gains

The Urika-GD™ graph analytics appliance, with its massive parallelism and extremely large shared memory, is ideally suited for scalable market sensing.

News Analytics: Investigative journalists find vital, unexpected relationships

With graph analytics, journalists have found unexpected connections, formerly hidden or unknown facts, and revelations about corruption, inexplicable successes and secret negotiations. 

Patient Treatments: Accelerated data analysis finds ideal treatments for individual patients

With the Urika-GD system, a healthcare organization taps the latent value in millions of patient outcome records, improving patient care and saving lives.

Unstructured Data: Don’t let your data devolve from unstructured to anarchic

If you’re mining unstructured text resources, don’t settle for search engine-type results. Graph analytics provides far greater capability in mining rich text and uncovering hidden relationships in big data.

Analyst Reports

Looking for Risk - Applying Graph Analytics to Risk Management

(August, 2013)
This report covers best practices from YarcData, which Chartis believes is a leading platform for iterative, interactive discovery using graph analytics.

451 Research: YarcData discovers its place in the analytic database ecosystem

(Matt Aslett, May 23, 2013)
Having recently completed its first year of operation, Cray's YarcData graph database-appliance business has now established its place in the database landscape, providing a platform for the discovery of relationships between data as part of exploratory analysis approaches that promise to encourage businesses to ask new questions, and to reveal new business insights.

IDC: Finding High-Value Relationships in Big Data

(May, 2013)
This paper examines the dynamics of the formative market for high-performance data analysis (HPDA).

Gartner: YarcData's Urika Shows Big Data Is More Than Hadoop and Data Warehouses

The hype about big data is mostly on Hadoop or data warehouses, but big data involves a much wider and varied set of needs, practices and technologies.

451 Research: Cray's YarcData claims early success for graph database appliance

The launch of YarcData earlier this year gave supercomputing specialist Cray a graph database appliance with which to target enterprise interest in 'big data' technologies.

White Papers

Real-Time Discovery in Big Data Using the Urika-GD Appliance

Cray’s Urika-GD appliance is built to meet the challenging requirements of discovery.

Six Days in the Network Security Trenches at SC14

Through engagements with its customers and partners, Cray has applied graph analytics to computer network analysis, helping identify threats and risks to enterprise-scale networks. 

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Compliance organizations have had good success leveraging new technologies to improve efficiency, but recent trends as discussed will increasingly force compliance leaders to take action...

Bloor Research: Urika, an InDetail Paper

(Philip Howard, July 2012)
Urika is an appliance for graph analytics which contains a graph data­base, but what exactly is a graph database or, for that matter, a graph, and why should you care?

Graph Analytics: Beyond the Small Circle of Friends

(Ovum, Tony Baer, July 2012)
Big Data has raised the bar for analytics: organizations need no longer make the tradeoff between depth of analysis and breadth of data (“rich vs. reach”).

Discovering Big Data's Value with Graph Analytics

With the seeming boundless industry buzz around big data, and constant talk about the “3 Vs” —variety, volume, and velocity — sometimes the ultimate reason organizations should invest in big data becomes lost.


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