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Maximize your productivity with Cray cluster computers

Understanding the need for nimble, reliable and cost-effective cluster systems, we developed the Cray® CS™ cluster supercomputer series. These cluster systems are industry-standards-based, highly customizable, and expressly designed to handle the broadest range of medium- to large-scale simulation and data analytics workloads.

All CS components have been carefully selected, optimized and integrated to create a powerful computing environment. Flexible node configurations featuring the latest processor and interconnect technologies mean you can tailor a system to your specific need — from an all-purpose cluster system to one suited for shared memory, large memory or accelerator-based tasks.

Innovations in packaging, power, cooling and density translate to superior energy efficiency and compelling price/performance. Expertly engineered system management software instantly boosts your productivity by simplifying system administration and maintenance.

Maximize your productivity with flexible, high-performing Cray CS series cluster system.

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Cray CS400-AC Brochure

The CS400-AC™ system is our air-cooled cluster supercomputer.

Cray CS400-LC Brochure

The CS400-LC™ system is our direct-to-chip warm water-cooled cluster supercomputer.

Cray CS-Storm Brochure

A dense, GPU-accelerated cluster supercomputer that delivers up to 827 peak GPU teraflops in one rack

Cray CS400 Specifications

Architecture, system administration, tools and more

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Flexible, Scalable Configurations

Highly scalable, modular platform for easy customization

Air- or liquid-cooled designs

Intel® Xeon® E5 family processor-based

Support for Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessors and NVIDA® Tesla® GPU accelerators

Multiple interconnect options

Choice of network-attached file systems and Lustre® parallel file storage systems

Easy to Manage

Comprehensive, compatible and fully tested HPC cluster software stack

Advanced Cluster Engine (ACE™) system management software

  • Simplifies system management
  • Supports multiple network topologies and diskless configurations
  • Provides network failover
  • Manages heterogeneous nodes with different software stacks
  • Monitors nodes, networks, power and temperature

Efficient and Reliable

High-efficiency load balancing power supplies

480V power distribution with a choice of 208V or 277V three-phase power supplies

Multiple levels of redundancy and fault tolerance

Redundant power, cooling, management subsystems and networks with failover capabilities

Critical components easily accessible and hot swappable

Turnkey installation services with worldwide support and service

Cray® CS400-AC™

The CS400-AC™ system is our air-cooled cluster supercomputer. Designed to offer the widest possible choice of configurations, it is a highly scalable and modular platform based on the latest x86 processing, coprocessing and accelerator technologies from Intel and NVIDIA. Industry-standard server nodes and components have been optimized for high performance computing (HPC) and tightly integrated with a comprehensive HPC software stack, creating a unified system that excels at capacity and data-intensive workloads. 

Learn More about the CS400-AC System

Cray® CS400-LC™

The CS400-LC™ system is our liquid-cooled cluster supercomputer. Designed for significant energy savings, it features liquid-cooling technology that uses warm water heat exchangers instead of chillers to cool system components. Compared to traditional air-cooled clusters, the CS400-LC system can deliver three times greater energy efficiency with immediate to one-year payback cycles typical.  

Learn More about the CS400-LC System

Cray CS-Storm

Cray’s CS-Storm™ accelerated GPU computing system is a cluster supercomputer that offers 827 peak GPU teraflops in a single rack — a space- and power-efficient solution designed for massively parallel computing workloads that take advantage of the performance offered by today’s GPU accelerators. Whether applied to traditional engineering applications, emerging analytics applications like machine learning, or rapidly evolving neural network applications like deep learning, accelerated computing is rapidly gaining mainstream acceptance in places where high performance computing has traditionally been handled by CPUs.

Learn More about the CS-Storm System

Cray® CS400™ Cluster Solutions Software  

The Cray® CS400™ clusters offers two key productivity-boosting tools — a customizable HPC cluster software stack and Cray's Advanced Cluster Engine (ACE™) system management software.

HPC Cluster Software Stack

Cray's HPC cluster software stack consists of validated and tested software tools including operating systems, middleware applications, and HPC programming tools. All are compatible with most open source and commercial compilers, debuggers, schedulers and libraries. Also available as part of the software stack are the Cray Programming Environment, Cray Scientific and Math Libraries, and Cray Performance Measurement and Analysis Tools.

Cray HPC Cluster Software Stack

ACE Cluster Management

Cray's ACE system management software provides scalable network, server, cluster and storage management capabilities for easy system administration and maintenance of large cluster configurations. It uses a three-tiered architecture for operating system provisioning tasks as well as node monitoring and maintenance. This structure allows for the CS400 system to scale from hundreds to thousands of nodes without affecting its ability to prepare a single node or the entire system in as little as three minutes.

ACE at a Glance

  • Simplifies network, server, cluster and storage management
  • Supports multiple network topologies and diskless configurations with optional local storage
  • Provides network failover with high scalability and maximum reliability
  • Integrates easily with customizable HPC development environment for industry-standard platforms and software configurations
  • Manages heterogeneous nodes with different software stacks
  • Monitors nodes, networks, power and temperature

Product Literature

Cray CS400-AC Cluster Supercomputer Brochure

The CS400-AC™ system is our air-cooled cluster supercomputer.

Cray CS400-LC Cluster Supercomputer Brochure

The CS400-LC™ system is our direct-to-chip warm water-cooled cluster supercomputer.

Cray CS-Storm Brochure

A dense, GPU-accelerated cluster supercomputer that delivers up to 827 peak GPU teraflops in one rack

Cray GreenBlade Platform for CS400-AC Systems

The Cray® GreenBlade™ platform for the Cray CS400-AC™ cluster supercomputer is designed to support flexible configuration at the node and system level.

Cray GreenBlade Platform for CS400-LC Systems

The Cray® GreenBlade™ platform for the Cray® CS400-LC™ cluster supercomputer is designed to allow easy, flexible configurations at both the node and the system level.

Cray Rackmount Servers for CS400-AC Systems

Cray rackmount servers offer maximum flexibility in an industry-standard package.

Case Studies

Allinea Software Case Study

Allinea Software Helps Scientists Port Code to Hybrid Cray CS300-AC

The San Diego Supercomputer Center Takes on Big Data Challenges

The volume of data generated today is challenging the computing capability of traditional FLOPS-based systems and...

University of Tsukuba Case Study

University of Tsukuba: Accelerating GPU Computing

Cray and Intel Solutions

Intel Solution Brief

Innovative Supercomputing Cluster Design Powers Critical U.S. Infrastructure and Research

Kyoto University Case Study

Kyoto University: Delivering High-Speed Supercomputer Services

White Papers and Briefs

Runtime Improvements Achieved with Landmark SeisSpace ProMAX and Cray CS400 Cluster

Landmark and Cray have joined forces to qualify and optimize SeisSpace ProMAX on a Cray cluster system.

Cray Accelerates Energy Insight with NVIDIA GPU Technology

Cray enables the speedup of oil and gas applications with NVIDIA Tesla K40 and K80 GPU accelerators.

IDC Research Opinion

Catalyst Supercomputer Heralds Shift to More Balanced Architectures

Data-Intensive Supercomputer Architecture White Paper

Building a Data-Intensive Supercomputer Architecture for the National Research Community

HPC Cluster Efficiency White Paper

Improving HPC Cluster Efficiency with 480V Power Supplies

HPC Software Requirements White Paper

HPC Software Requirements to Support an HPC Cluster Supercomputer


Cray Blog - Computing

Commentary and insight from Cray’s top experts and customers

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Solution Partners


Cray and Intel Supercomputing Solutions

Cray and Intel work together to create innovative supercomputer and analytics solutions featuring performance, scalability and reliability. These solutions feature the latest Intel® Xeon® processors and Intel® Xeon Phi™ processors delivering... show more high computer density, best performance per watt and high-performance network connectivity. With a solution for every budget and configuration requirement, Cray and Intel make it easy to take advantage of the latest advances in high performance computing, be it “multicore” devices, “many-core” technologies or integrated hybrid systems of both types to deliver optimized performance to satisfy your varied applications.

Intel Xeon Solutions >



Cray and NVIDIA are working together to create innovative accelerated GPU supercomputer solutions with best-of-breed performance, scalability and reliability. These solutions feature NVIDIA® Tesla® GPUs, engineered to maximize compute performance.... show more Cray’s CS-Storm™ accelerated GPU cluster supercomputer supports a range of NVIDIA Tesla GPUs, including the Tesla K80 for HPC datacenter computing, the Tesla M40 for deep learning training, and the Tesla P100 GPU accelerator, delivering the highest absolute performance for HPC and hyperscale workloads. With a solution for every budget and requirement, Cray and NVIDIA make it easy to take advantage of the latest advances in accelerated GPU computing.

NVIDIA Tesla Solutions >


Western Digital

Western Digital Corp is a global provider of products and services that empower people to create, manage, experience and preserve digital content. Its subsidiaries design and manufacture storage devices and home entertainment products under the WD®, HGST and G-Technology brands.

Website >

Data Center


Founded in 1981, American Power Conversion is a leading provider of global, end-to-end solutions for real-time infrastructure. APC’s comprehensive products and services for home and corporate environments improve the availability, manageability and performance of sensitive electronic, network, communication... show more and industrial equipment of all sizes. APC offers a wide variety of products for network-critical physical infrastructure including InfraStruXure®, its revolutionary architecture for on-demand data centers, as well as physical threat management products through the company’s NetBotz® division. These products and services help companies increase the availability and reliability of their IT systems. Headquartered in West Kingston, Rhode Island, APC reported sales of $2 billion for the year ended December 31, 2005, and is a Fortune 1000, Nasdaq 100 and S&P 500 Company.

Website >


Motivair is a leading supplier of specialty chillers and cooling systems for data centers, hospitals, industrial applications, institutional and commercial buildings. Quality, reliability and energy-saving are the three core philosophies embodied in all Motivair products, and installations are supported by a network of qualified refrigeration technicians.

Website >

Operating System

Red Hat

Red Hat is the world’s leading provider of open source software solutions, using a community-powered approach to reliable and high-performing cloud, Linux, middleware, storage and virtualization technologies. Red Hat also offers award-winning support, training, and consulting services.... show more As the connective hub in a global network of enterprises, partners, and open source communities, Red Hat helps create relevant, innovative technologies that liberate resources for growth and prepare customers for the future of IT.

Website >


Allinea Software

Allinea Software is the trusted leader in software development tools for parallel programming and high performance computing (HPC). Leading users of HPC turn to Allinea for extremely scalable, capable and intuitive tools that improve the efficiency and value of their HPC investment by reducing development time... show more and increasing application performance. Allinea’s integrated suite of profiling and debugging tools is relied on from desktops through to beyond petascale for applications ranging from climate modeling to astrophysics, and from computational finance to engine design.

Website >


PathScale has developed the industry's highest-performance C, C++ and Fortran 9X compilers for 64-bit Linux-based computer systems. The PathScale Compiler Suite has been optimized for both the AMD64 and EM64T architectures and has the world's most sophisticated optimization infrastructure.... show more Unlike other compilers, the PathScale Compiler Suite provides superior performance across both floating-point and integer-intensive applications. Application developers targeting 64-bit Linux servers will see immediate performance benefits from compiling with the PathScale compilers.

Website >

PBS Works

PBS Works™, Altair's suite of HPC workload management and cloud enablement products, allows enterprises to maximize ROI on existing hardware and software resources. PBS Works is the preferred suite for many of the planet’s largest, most complex cluster... show more and supercomputing implementations -- and is also the choice for smaller organizations who need HPC solutions that are easy to adopt and use.

Website >

Rogue Wave Software

Rogue Wave is the largest independent provider of cross-platform, embeddable libraries and development tools for HPC application design, testing and deployment. Rogue Wave’s tools and components empower software developers to take advantage of the performance... show more and scalability that multicore and parallel technologies offer, and are proven by decades of use solving some of the world’s most complex problems in commercial enterprise, academia, defense and institutional research.

Website >


ScaleMP is the leader in virtualization for in-memory high-end computing, providing higher performance and lower total cost of ownership as compared with traditional shared-memory systems. The company’s innovative Versatile SMP (vSMP) architecture aggregates... show more multiple x86 systems into a single virtual x86 system, delivering an industry-standard, high-end shared-memory computer. Using software to replace custom hardware and components, ScaleMP offers a revolutionary computing paradigm.

Website >

The Portland Group

The Portland Group develops and markets high performance Fortran, C and C++ compilers and tools. Offering world-class performance and comprehensive cross-platform support and optimization, PGI supports 32-bit x86, 64-bit AMD64 and Intel 64 processor-based... show more systems running over 30 popular Linux and Mac OS X and Windows releases. Advantages include fast compilation speed, integrated graphical parallel debugger and profiler, comprehensive documentation, online tutorials and outstanding technical support.

Website >