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Leading academic institutions worldwide have selected Cray solutions

From teaching the next generation of scientists to making tomorrow’s groundbreaking discoveries, academic researchers use supercomputing for a wide array of scientific and engineering disciplines. Cray supports these varied endeavors with systems that range from small cluster installations to massive computing machines that power research at the largest national datacenters.

  • Cray® XC™ series systems offer academic users needed flexibility and power with their renowned scalability and adaptive architectures and Cray's commitment to open standards in software.
  • Capacity-oriented Cray® CS™ series cluster supercomputers offer high performance and maximum configuration flexibility.
  • Cray storage and data management systems provide integrated, reliable and modular scale-out Lustre® storage to maximize file system performance and scalability at any size.
  • And the Urika® family of analytics appliances transform big data problems into meaningful information.

A diverse universe of research applications are run on Cray systems worldwide, with many optimized to exploit the scaling provided by Cray architecture.

Cray systems are a top choice for leadership centers in academia, with solutions ranging from single-university systems up to the largest installations in national academic research centers. Leading academic institutions worldwide such as the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC), King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), University of Kyoto, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, University of Illinois and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council have selected Cray solutions of every size and type.

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Cray Solutions for Higher Education

Universities face a unique challenge in meeting their high performance computing (HPC) needs.

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With access to the Cray XT4 supercomputer HECToR, the U.K.’s largest, fastest and most powerful academic supercomputer, the Daresbury and UNAM teams worked together to optimize the code for high performance computing and scale it up to more than 8,000 simultaneous processes.

Powerful Supercomputing at Economical Prices

The University of Stuttgart takes advantage of the latest advances in computing power with the Cray XT5m supercomputer

White Papers and Briefs

Cray Solutions for Higher Education

Universities face a unique challenge in meeting their high performance computing (HPC) needs.

Building a Data-Intensive Supercomputer Architecture for the National Research Community

The "Gordon" supercomputer project began in 2009 as a proposal from the San Diego Supercomputer Center to the National Science Foundation to build a data-intensive supercomputer.

Customer Solutions

NCSA Access - "Blue Waters"

NCSA introduces a new sustained-petaflops Cray supercomputer


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