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Whether you’re designing a single component or the entire system, the world relies on you to send it down the road, across the sky and into space. And it holds you to the most exacting standards.

We get it. We’re in the same business as you — designing systems that meet the highest standards for performance.

Satisfying both your customers and a business where a test failure can be a billion-dollar problem comes down to simulation accuracy. You have to simulate your product designs with enough fidelity to know they’ll meet safety and performance requirements and pass certification tests. It’s a problem that keeps your business constantly at risk and taxes your compute resources.

But it’s solvable. We know because our supercomputing systems are designed to support a 10x boost in compute power, which enables 3x simulation accuracy in 1/3 the time and gives you more time for design exploration and more confidence in your design decisions.

With Cray, companies of all sizes have logged record-setting performance and improved their design processes using codes like Fluent, STAR-CCM+ and MSC Nastran. It’s performance that enables advanced structural analytics and CFD simulations that really make a difference. Our technology enables failure prediction, moving from RANS turbulence models to LES, and implementing the stochastic approach for a complete system — while still delivering overnight results to meet design schedules.

Cray technology allows you to run larger, more complex crash and safety models in shorter time frames. And we work with software partners to optimize simulation performance, enabling accelerated results on large and complex workloads like full-scale electromechanical simulation.

We’re also thinking about the security of your data. Cray solutions can help combat cybercrime in manufacturing and safeguard your intellectual property.

With Cray you get more than just hardware. Our systems are tightly integrated, highly scalable simulation solutions backed by decades of engineering expertise in computer-aided engineering (CAE) application performance.

Cray gives you the tools, performance and confidence to know you’re making the best decisions.

Solutions for Manufacturing

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Amazing Engines

Dr. Brian Mitchell and his team develop the CFD software GE uses to design quieter, more durable and more efficient jet engines.

Improving Aerospace Engine Simulation

Cray and LSTC team up to improve a critical LS-DYNA simulation involving over 80 million elements. Learn more in this white paper.

Cray Urika-GX Agile Analytics Platform for Manufacturing

Leverage big data to deliver better-performing products faster

Faster Simulations for Automotive and Aerospace

Cray users are getting more accurate engineering simulations and faster design turns with the Cray XC series supercomputer.

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Manufacturing Solutions

Faster Design Turns With Crash & Impact Simulation Runs

For manufacturers, high-fidelity crash/safety and impact simulations using explicit structural analysis applications are growing rapidly in size and complexity. To meet marketplace demands for more efficient, safer and higher-performing designs, leading companies must run larger, more complex models in shorter time frames. Read more.

Breakthrough CFD Performance at Full Scale

Automotive and aerospace manufacturers require increased accuracy for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) models, but they can't risk running behind schedule. The increasing scale and performance requirements of CFD simulations can rapidly outstrip manufacturers' existing compute capabilities. Such performance limitations can result in manufacturers having to make trade-offs like running lower-resolution CFD simulations, not including the full geometry or having fewer design iterations. Read more.

Accelerating and Improving Implicit Structural Analysis

Today's automotive and aerospace manufacturers are increasingly relying on structural analysis applications to improve the reliability, efficiency and performance of the vehicles they manufacture. The increasing scale and performance requirements of modern implicit structural analysis applications present unique challenges. Read more.

Breakthrough Electromechanical Simulation Performance

Electromechanical and electromagnetic simulations are promising for a wide range of applications for automotive and aerospace manufacturers. However, incorporating them into design workflows can put a schedule at risk, since these simulations often rapidly outstrip manufacturers' existing compute capabilities. Read more.

Manufacturing and Cybercrime

As digitalization increasingly becomes a part of product lifecycles, and the internet of things (IoT) places data in a skyrocketing number of connected places, it is not surprising that manufacturers have seen an increase in cybercrime. Read more.

View Electromagnetics Applications

FEKO is a comprehensive electromagnetic simulation software tool based on state-of-the-art computational electromagnetics techniques


JMAG is FEA software for electromechanical design. A standard tool in EV/HV developments, JMAG can accurately capture and quickly evaluate complex physical phenomena inside machines.


3-D full-wave electromagnetic fields simulation. HFSS offers multiple solver technologies based on finite element, integral equation or advanced hybrid methods.

Application:CEM Solutions
Owner:ESI Group

CEM Solutions is a consolidated software package combining the computational electromagnetics PAM-CEM Simulation Suite and Efield solutions. PAM-CEM Simulation Suite operates mainly in the medium- to high-frequency range.

View CFD Applications

A CFD solver based on the finite element method. Applications range from steady RANS simulations to complex, transient, multiphysics simulations.

Owner:Convergent Science

A simulation package that incorporates both run-time grid generation and adaptive mesh refinement.

Owner:Metacomp Technologies

Simulates compressible and incompressible fluids and flows, and unsteady and steady flows. Runs a large range of speed regimes including low speeds through subsonic, transonic, supersonic, hypersonic speeds, laminar and turbulent flows.


Computational fluid dynamics simulations with extensive support for pre- and post-processing provided in Abaqus/CAE, addressing nonlinear coupled fluid-thermal and fluid-structural problems.


FEKO is a comprehensive electromagnetic simulation software tool based on state-of-the-art computational electromagnetics techniques


3-D full-wave electromagnetic fields simulation. HFSS offers multiple solver technologies based on finite element, integral equation or advanced hybrid methods.


Models flow, turbulence, heat transfer and reactions for industrial applications that include air flow over aircraft wings, furnace combustion, bubble columns, oil platforms, blood flow, semiconductor manufacturing, clean room design and wastewater treatment.


Multipurpose thermo-fluid dynamics software with a particular focus on handling fluid flow applications related to internal combustion engines and powertrains.


An entire engineering process for solving problems involving flow (of fluids or solids), heat transfer and stress. Helps entirely automate the simulation workflow and performs iterative design studies with minimal user interaction.


Bridging the gap between fluid dynamics and structural mechanics, STAR-CD runs flow, thermal and stress simulations.

Owner:ESI Group offers support (open-source software)

A free, open-source software package developed by ESI Group and OpenCFD Ltd. OpenFOAM features range from complex fluid flows involving chemical reactions, turbulence and heat transfer to solid dynamics and electromagnetics.

Owner:ESI Group

PAM-FLOW is simulates unsteady flow phenomena present in a wide variety of industrial and research applications. Performs large-eddy or very large-eddy simulations of unsteady and turbulent fluid flow phenomena.


CFD package based on the Lattice Boltzmann methods.

Owner:NASA code

Simulates fluid flow around solid bodies. OVERFLOW was developed as part of a collaborative effort between NASA's Johnson Space Center and NASA Ames Research Center.

Owner:ANSYS (Reaction DESIGN)

Simulation package for combustion engines that incorporates CHEMKIN-PRO solver technology for modeling and simulating gas-phase and surface chemistry. Designers can now break through the historical chemistry model-size limitation in CFD to investigate design issues such as soot formation and engine knock.

Owner:Software Cradle

Enables calculation of complex geometries. Provides automatic mesh generation and a wizard-based interface that guides the user through the setup process step by step. Simulates standard fluid flow and heat transfer applications. Calculates and models various phenomena such as chemical reactions, free surfaces and acoustics. Uses arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian (ALE) methods for moving and/or rotating boundaries and JOS for human body thermoregulation modeling.

View Crash/Impact Applications

A finite element analysis product that is well-suited to simulate brief transient dynamic events. Effectively handles severely nonlinear behavior such as contact, making it suitable for the simulation of quasi-static events.

Owner:ESI Group

Used for crash simulation and the design of occupant safety systems, primarily in the automotive industry.


A combined implicit/explicit solver. One scalable code for solving highly nonlinear transient problems, enabling the solution of coupled multiphysics and multistage problems.


A structural analysis solver for highly nonlinear problems under dynamic loadings. Enables multiphysics simulation and accommodates advanced materials.

View Structural Analysis Applications

A finite element software package that offers a broad range of linear, nonlinear and perturbation analysis options. Features a large library of element types, material types, continuum solid, 2-D and 3-D elements, user-defined routines and additional coupled physics options.


A structural analysis solver for linear and nonlinear structural problems under static and dynamic loads. Based on finite-element and multibody dynamics technology; offers advanced analysis and optimization algorithms.

Owner:LMS International

Solution for vibro-acoustic design, troubleshooting and optimization such as predicting the noise radiated from vibrating structures, simulating the sound inside a cavity, estimating the sound field around a structure or calculating the structural response to an acoustic load.


CDH/AMLS reduces the cost of frequency response and eigenvalue analysis for large finite element models. Automated multilevel substructuring transforms a model into an efficient, accurate representation in terms of substructure eigenvectors.

Application:ANSYS Mechanical

A finite element analysis tool for structural analysis, including linear, nonlinear and dynamic studies. It offers thermal analysis and coupled-physics capabilities involving acoustic, piezoelectric, thermal–structural and thermoelectric analysis.


Finite element package: stiffness and stress analysis, contact analysis, vibrations, acoustic simulations, temperature fields and electromagnetic fields.

Owner:MSC Software

Multibody dynamics software based on the finite element method. Engineers can evaluate and manage the complex interactions between disciplines including motion, structures, actuation and controls to optimize product designs for performance, safety and comfort.

Application:MSC Nastran
Owner:MSC Software

A structural analysis application based on the finite elements method used by engineers to perform static, dynamic and thermal analysis across the linear and nonlinear domains, complemented with automated optimization and embedded fatigue analysis technologies.

Owner:Sandia National Laboratories code

CTH is a multimaterial, large deformation, strong shock wave, solid mechanics code developed at Sandia National Laboratories. It has models for multiphase, elastic, viscoplastic, porous and explosive materials. Three-dimensional rectangular meshes, two-dimensional rectangular and cylindrical meshes and one-dimensional rectilinear, cylindrical, and spherical meshes are available.

Application:NX Nastran
Owner:Siemens PLM Software

Integrates analysis modeling with simulation solutions for structural (powered by NX Nastran), thermal, flow, motion, engineering optimization, multiphysics, simulation data management, and simulation-driven design into a single environment.

Owner:TASS International

MADYMO is software for analyzing and optimizing occupant safety designs.

View Visualization Applications

Visualization package. EnSight reads data from many different engineering simulation programs and makes that data interactive, plottable, searchable and exportable.

Owner:Intelligent Light

Scalable visualization package for CFD simulations. With CFD data management, workflow productivity, and HPC capabilities, FieldView enables CFD studies without constraining simulations to meet resource limitations.


Delivers everything needed to visualize and analyze fluid dynamics results, including image generation, qualitative post-processing, automation and the ability to run in batch mode.

Case Studies, White Papers and Briefs

Amazing Engines

Dr. Brian Mitchell and his team develop the CFD software GE uses to design quieter, more durable and more efficient jet engines.

Predicting Complex High-Fidelity Aeroelastic Wing Flutter

High-fidelity simulations of the aeroelastic flutter experienced by an airplane in flight put extreme demands on machine performance. A combination of Cray hardware and ANSYS software scaled a 13.47-million-node simulation to more than 1,000 cores.

Improving Aerospace Engine Simulation

Cray and LSTC team up to improve a critical LS-DYNA simulation involving over 80 million elements. Learn more in this white paper.

Cray Urika-GX Agile Analytics Platform for Manufacturing

Leverage big data to deliver better-performing products faster

Cray XC Supercomputer Accelerates LS-DYNA Simulations for Aerospace

The failure of fan or compressor blades in an airplane jet engine is a major hazard. To improve fan blade off containment simulation, a team from Cray and LSTC conducted a study using LS-DYNA and a Cray XC supercomputer.

Speeding Up Structural Analysis

MSC Nastran and Cray’s DataWarp accelerator boost I/O performance

Breakthrough In Situ CFD Scalability with AVF-LESLIE

Cray and Intelligent Light are working with a team at Georgia Tech to achieve milestones in scalability on the AVF-LESLIE code using petascale Cray supercomputing technology at the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center.

Optimizing Crash & Safety Simulations

Cray XC series supercomputers and Altair RADIOSS software give engineers the tools they need to improve speed and accuracy of their design analysis.

Cray Reduces Analysis Turnaround Time with SIMULIA’s Abaqus FEA Software

Manufacturing companies rely on realistic simulations to gain insight into product behavior. But running high-fidelity simulations often results in lengthy turnaround times, creating unacceptable delays in design cycles.

Cray XC40 Supercomputer Efficiently Scales CFD++ to Over 8,000 Cores on 200 Million-Cell Solid Rocket Booster Test

Most CAE environments today rely on commercial ISV applications. Along with ISV partners like Metacomp Technologies, Cray provides performance and active support for these codes, as well as the assurance that comes from more than 30 years spent supporting CFD applications.

Optimizing High Fidelity Crash & Safety Simulation Performance

In impact and crash simulation, factors like increasingly complex load cases and higher fidelity simulations means companies need to continue pushing the envelope. A solution using Cray XC40 systems and Altair RADIOSS software gives engineers the power they need to improve speed and accuracy of their design analysis.

ANSYS Fluent Helps Reduce Vehicle Wind Noise

To stay ahead of the competition and meet consumers' ever-increasing expectations for a comfortable ride, automotive OEMs are using ANSYS computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation software to tackle the problem of wind noise.

Improving the Design of Subsea Riser Systems

With Cray and Altair, engineers have the computational systems they need to perform advanced subsea computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis with better speed, scalability and accuracy.

Cray XC Solution For Crash And Safety Simulation

The Cray XC solution for crash and safety simulation gives manufacturers the computational power they need to run their most advanced models in the shortest timeframes.

Cray and ANSYS Achieve Extreme Scaling Improvements on ANSYS Fluent Using CSCS's Cray XC30 System

ANSYS and Cray worked together to boost the scaling of Tetra Pak’s LES simulation on Fluent.

Powering Virtual Wind Tunnel Simulations

Cray and Altair are leaders in providing the powerful, usable technology engineers need to perform external aerodynamics analysis with greater speed and accuracy.

LS-DYNA Scalability on Cray Supercomputers

For the automotive industry, car crash analysis by finite elements is crucial to shortening the design cycle and reducing costs.

Videos & Webinars

Faster Simulations for Automotive and Aerospace

Cray users are getting more accurate engineering simulations and faster design turns with the Cray XC series supercomputer.

Webinar: A Cray-Altair Solution: Optimizing High-Fidelity Crash & Safety Simulation Performance

Crash/safety simulation is one of the most widely adopted HPC applications in the automotive industry and a core technology in the vehicle development process.

The Role of Supercomputers in Manufacturing

The innovative use of new materials in vehicle design is becoming the norm for automotive manufacturers. With more advanced design elements coming into play, numerous manufacturing challenges are emerging, including the need for a greater number of simulations.

Pushing the Performance Limit of Virtual Wind Tunnels

Experts from Altair and Cray describe an advanced and high-performance virtual wind tunnel solution, complete with recommended configurations based on system size.

Optimizing Performance of MSC Nastran Dynamic Analysis on Cray Systems

MSC Software and Cray present the latest HPC developments that equip engineers to run large structural dynamics simulations on the most current computer architecture components quickly and reliably.

Industry Perspectives on Extreme Scalability for High-Fidelity CFD Simulations

Learn how the combination of Cray’s supercomputing solutions and ANSYS software addresses the simulation challenges faced by organizations attempting to achieve the highest level of fidelity in their simulation workloads.

CAE Simulation in a Petaflop Computing World

Learn how demands for increasingly complex and larger simulations are driving organizations to reassess their use of traditional high performance computing environments.

Top Trends in Crash Simulation Practices

Experts address how manufacturing concerns can best leverage compute increases to improve automotive development practices and improve industrial reliability.


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