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Engadget: AMD and Cray are building the world's most powerful supercomputer


Oak Ridge National Labs Takes The Supercomputing Crown Using Cray and AMD

The Verge

World’s fastest supercomputer will be built by AMD and Cray for US government

Cray’s Slingshot system interconnect ties together this massive supercomputer and a new system software stack fuses the best of high performance computing and cloud capabilities

—Pete Ungaro, Cray CEO

Knox News

New supercomputer with mind-blowing speed is coming to ORNL


Cray, AMD to Extend DOE’s Exascale Frontier


AMD and Cray are building the 'world's most powerful supercomputer'

It seems fitting that America's first exascale supercomputer, the country's initial entrant in the global exascale race, is a Cray, a name synonymous with the word supercomputer.

—Steve Conway, Hyperion Research Senior Vice President of Research

How Frontier Measures Up

Understand the speed and size of an exascale supercomputer

Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Frontier supercomputer will be able to perform 1.5 quintillion operations per second. But what does that number even mean? Our infographic helps illustrate the massive speed and size of an exascale system.