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News from the Exascale Era

Frontier's record-breaking performance will ensure our country's ability to lead the world in science that improves the lives and economic prosperity of all Americans and the entire world. Frontier will accelerate innovation in AI by giving American researchers world-class data and computing resources to ensure the next great inventions are made in the United States.

—Rick Perry, U.S. Secretary of Energy


Cray’s Emerging Market & Technology Director Arti Garg Peers Around HPC/AI Corner


Exascale computing, now at $2.8B, described as critical to U.S.

Engadget: AMD and Cray are building the world's most powerful supercomputer


AMD and Cray are building the 'world's most powerful supercomputer'

DisrupTV feat. Steve Scott, Melanie Nuce,
Byron Reese

How Frontier Measures Up

Understand the speed and size of an exascale supercomputer

Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Frontier supercomputer will be able to perform 1.5 quintillion operations per second. But what does that number even mean? Our infographic helps illustrate the massive speed and size of an exascale system.