Exascale Day
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News from the Exascale Era

We are proud to partner with Cray in the coming years to usher in the era of exascale computing at LLNL, beginning the next chapter in the long, storied history we have at this Laboratory in leading-edge supercomputing,

—Bill Goldstein, LLNL Lab Director


Cray Wins NNSA-Livermore ‘El Capitan’ Exascale Award

Silicon Angle

Cray lands $600M Nuclear Security Administration supercomputer contract

The Next Platform

Cray Runs the Exascale Table in the United States

El Capitan will allow us to be more responsive, innovative and forward-thinking when it comes to maintaining a nuclear deterrent that is second to none in a rapidly-evolving threat environment.

—Lisa Gordon-Hagerty, NNSA Administrator

How fast is exascale computing?

So fast it can solve a quintillion—1018—math problems every second.

Exascale computing means a computing system that can perform at least one exaflop—or one quintillion (a billion billion) calculations per second.

No matter how you look at it, Exascale is huge, not just in sheer numbers, but in societal impact. It’s not just faster; it’s a different approach to fast.