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Accelerating credit valuation adjustment (CVA)

Cray XC series systems — with industry-leading interconnect and I/O application acceleration — deliver a ready solution to the computational challenges of CVA

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Staying Competitive with Cray Technology

Now that financial services firms need to perform evaluations like credit valuation adjustment (CVA) on a daily basis to stay competitive, traditional scale-out architectures don’t scale efficiently enough for users needing rapid results. Cray® XC™ series supercomputers offer a unique solution with the Aries™ interconnect and Cray® DataWarp™ applications I/O accelerator — two Cray technologies that solve credit valuation adjustment scaling and latency issues while also keeping costs under control.

View the infographic below for an overview of how Cray drives unique value in risk management, or read our white paper and blog post for a deeper dive into how Cray can accelerate credit valuation adjustment for your organization. 

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White Paper: Credit Valuation Adjustment

How to Solve the Computational Challenges of Credit Valuation Adjustment While Reducing Grid TCO

Blog Post: Credit Valuation Adjustment

Financial institutions face increasing demand for and complexity of credit valuation adjustment (CVA), creating tough computational challenges.

Credit Valuation Adjustment

Staying competitive in financial services today requires more. Credit valuation adjustment (CVA) has emerged as a critical component to evaluating risk.