17 Reasons to Participate in the Cray User Group

Whether you are in the midst of a polar vortex or lounging on the beaches of Australia, CUG 2015 is just around the corner, April 26-30, in Chicago. We have seen a tremendous outpouring of interest in the Cray User Group over the past few years, with technical speaking slots becoming more competitive and attendance steadily on the rise. Chicago is a marvelous city with a storied past, full of exceptional cuisine, museums, sporting events and cultural venues. There’s something for everyone.

The Cray User Group is focused on expanding knowledge and providing a venue for long-lasting relationships for members and sponsors alike. CUG provides networking opportunities, technical presentations and ongoing working groups that can benefit your organization throughout the year. As Cray has broadened its product portfolio, we have expanded CUG into new areas and value feedback from members and Cray customers on the areas that are important to you. A key part of that is attending CUG and providing direct feedback to Cray for future product development. Consider joining the Cray User Group this year if you are a Cray customer.

The CUG board works closely with Cray technical liaisons, Cray executives, and the conference host site to plan CUG but we remain an independent, member-driven volunteer organization. I encourage you to reach out to the board to see how you can get involved. Some key positions are opening up this year, and we are always interested in broader reviewer participation and submissions.

Now onto what you really came for, 17 reasons to participate in CUG:

  1. See the world and attend CUG! Our membership is global.
  2. Think global, drink local. Isn’t that the CUG motto?
  3. We speak nearly as many languages as the Swiss!
  4. Admit it, that work won’t get published if you don’t take the time to write a CUG paper.
  5. Your spouse really doesn’t want to hear about the latest routing optimization, performance improvement or facility upgrade. Why not tell us?
  6. Five-star events with three-star prices!
  7. Founded in 1978, CUG is almost as old as your last HPC system.
  8. Seeing you at CUG makes Pete happy — don’t you want to make Pete happy?
  9. Where else do they draw straws to see who will be first to install the next software update?
  10. Ornithophobia? No worries, there are no birds at our BoFs.
  11. Life is like a box of chocolates, right? Our conference survey usually has a sweet reward.
  12. Attention, geeks! Join the board and make friends. These people are forced to spend time with you three times a year.
  13. The CUG board is volunteer-based; your $0 compensation will always be adjusted for inflation.
  14. Don’t like the way we’re doing things? Join the board so you can antagonize the treasurer!
  15. Three of the last CUG conferences have been hosted by sites near castles. Where better to plan your world domination?
  16. CUG social events can lead to photos useful in your next contract negotiation!
  17. Why 17? It’s a prime number and I couldn’t think of 42.


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