AI-powered Game Teaches American Sign Language – Try It at GTC 2019

According to Start ASL, American Sign Language is the natural language for an estimated 500,000 people in North America.

At this year’s NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference (GTC) we are partnering with Stradigi AI, a leading Canadian artificial intelligence (AI) solutions provider, to bring American Sign Language (ASL) to life. How? By showcasing American Sign Language with an AI-powered game that leverages deep learning and NVIDIA GPUs. The game – developed by Stradigi AI – challenges players to race against a timer to earn as many points as possible by imitating the 26 ASL letters, which are recognized and translated as players spell out basic words and phrases.

The game gives players a basic understanding of the ASL alphabet via an AI-powered experience. In this case, the AI capabilities leveraged are convolutional pose machines for hand pose estimation and convolutional neural network for image classification.

Not only is the game designed to be fun and interactive, it is a creative and engaging tool for learning and translating ASL. We hope that this use of AI technology will expand and help break through barriers in communication.

For every player, Cray will donate $10 to the Montreal-based Deaf Anglo Literacy Center, who assisted Stradigi AI in the game development.

Besides the game, we are also showcasing our Cray® CS-Storm™ systems, supporting a full range of NVIDIA® Tesla® GPUs, for use cases ranging from image and video analysis recommendation and anomaly detection systems. If you are at this year’s GTC, stop by our booth to play the game, and learn more about our partnership with Stradigi AI and how Cray can help you in your AI journey.

What: GTC 2019
When: March 17-21,
Where: San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, CA Booth # 430

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