How to Choose the Right Data Storage the First Time

It used to be that only two factors drove an organization’s choice of data storage platform: performance and cost. But along came data… and then more data and bigger data and, well, it’s not stopping.

Yep, data got big and traditional approaches to storage selection and management don’t work anymore.

From where we sit as a designer of complete high-performance computing and storage systems, we’re seeing commercial and research institutes scrambling to keep up with data growth. We’re seeing some large research institutes planning infrastructure for storage solutions up to 250 petabytes in size. On the commercial side, we’re seeing AI research and development generating data of even larger magnitude.

Data growth is flipping company budgets upside down as the amount organizations must spend on information storage and data management systems is increasing, leaving less to put toward compute. That is, if they continue with the traditional approach of simply adding more HDDs or trying to evolve into all-flash data storage solutions.

Managing the budget while still getting the performance you need comes down to understanding the available technologies, their pros and cons, and how you can best use them to your advantage.

In our new ebook, “A Guide to Solving I/O and Mixed Workload Challenges,” we’ll walk you through flash, HDD and hybrid data storage technologies. Among the questions we’ll answer:

  • Why HDD persists even though flash is seen as its natural replacement
  • What HDD does well but why it’s not the way forward
  • How hybrid data storage solutions work and what your options are

We’ll also share use cases to demonstrate how to evaluate your data storage needs and which technologies may make the most sense for your situation. Specifically, we’ll review how small, random and sequential I/Os and workloads impact your technology and information management options.

Today, choosing storage systems for your company has a whole new level of complexity — and with that comes risk. Risk of overspending, risk of not getting the performance you need, risk of slowing down your infrastructure and your entire operation. We have the answer and we’re here to help.

Download the ebook to learn about today’s storage technology choices and how you can deploy a hybrid solution. And contact us here.

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