Cloud Supercomputing: Three New Cray in Azure Offers

Researchers have been making amazing discoveries with Cray technology for decades. And we want to continue helping those visionaries extend the boundaries of what’s possible for all of us. It’s why we’re partnering exclusively with Microsoft to provide unprecedented access to supercomputing capabilities in Azure. Cray in Azure offers a no-compromise solution for customers who need large-scale computing performance and still want to leverage the cloud economics and augmented capacity of Azure. Today, we are proud to announce three new focused dedicated Azure offers that continue to deliver on the promise of supercomputing in the cloud. Cray® ClusterStor™ in Azure HPC simulations continue to demand more from storage ― more ... [ Read More ]

Your Own Supercomputer — in the Azure Cloud

Your organization relies on technology for a competitive advantage. You need fast, reliable performance. But high-performance computing can be a big investment, and challenging to manage as part of your IT infrastructure. Cray and Microsoft make it easy — and you get Cray supercomputing in the Microsoft Azure cloud. This convergence of supercomputing capabilities and the ease of cloud management enables disruptive innovation for new categories of companies. It alleviates the management burden and reduces barriers of entry to HPC. Supercomputing is no longer out of reach for smaller enterprises and organizations that can’t or don’t want to maintain their own datacenters. Get details about Cray in the cloud in this white paper by ... [ Read More ]

Exascale Can’t Wait: Cray for Oil & Gas in the Microsoft Azure Cloud

A path to exascale in upstream oil and gas processing with Cray in the Microsoft Azure cloud At the 11th annual Rice Oil and Gas HPC Conference (March 12-13), a premier industry event, many presentations will address the (mostly US) exascale roadmap with emphasis on algorithm development and applications enablement to make this program especially relevant in oil and gas. This author has long stated how “a perfect storm in seismic processing requirements is ensuring that the O&G industry will be an early adopter of exascale computing technologies.” That was in 2014, before the great oil crash. For a long while this author feared he was going to have to eat crow. After all, how much supercomputing power is needed to run a shale play? ... [ Read More ]

Five Things You Need to Know About Cray Supercomputing in the Microsoft Azure Cloud

1. It’s the cloud, without compromise (and it’s OK to be selfish). It’s really yours and you can finally say you have your very own dedicated (reserve instance) Cray supercomputer running your (big ole) workloads with the system performance and scalability only provided by Cray. You’re not buying time or sharing resources. You won’t have tedious job wait times. It’s very simply your Cray in Azure. 2. Datacenter? You don’t need no stinking datacenter. Your new, customized Cray supercomputer will reside in a Microsoft Azure datacenter, so you don’t have to worry about finding space, power, cooling, etc. Trust me, your CFO will thank you! 3. What happens in the cloud stays in the cloud. With supercomputing capabilities ... [ Read More ]

Cray and Microsoft Partner to Bring Cray Supercomputers to Azure

This week we announced an exciting new strategic alliance with Microsoft that will make Cray systems available in Microsoft Azure, giving users access to all the supercomputing power they need without the overhead of owning and maintaining a datacenter. Cray in Azure will open up the power of supercomputing to a broad new cross-section of businesses and organizations with growing mission-critical, scalable applications needs. The dramatic growth in AI, machine and deep learning, and data analytics is driving the need for scalable simulation capability — and vice-versa — in a virtuous cycle where companies and organizations will vie for competitive advantage. Our CEO, Pete Ungaro, stated it well: “Our partnership with Microsoft will ... [ Read More ]