Cray and VBRX hosting HPC workshop for upstream applications in Oil and Gas

On May 23rd, Cray and VBRX will host an event in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil focusing on upstream applications in the Oil and Gas industry to address the growing demands of high-performance computing in this sector. The workshop aims to show the operational advantages oil and gas companies can gain by turning to HPC technologies and upstream scientific applications.

HPC solutions and the oil and gas sector
Seismic imaging and reservoir simulation are the most compute intensive tasks performed in the oil and gas industry. Improvements in seismic image clarity, resolution, and accuracy have direct financial impact financial in a business where one exploration well in deep water will cost in excess of $100M. While there are no known seismic hydrocarbon indicators, a company that gets the complete three-dimensional image correct has a better chance of finding productive hydrocarbon traps. Then, once production is established, the development plan for a field is entirely dependent on relating a well’s performance to the structure and internal characteristics of the producing zones. Therefore improving seismic detail is vital to maximizing hydrocarbon recovery. An interpretation based on poor data can have serious business implications. Oil and gas companies can buy a strategic edge by managing data-intensive tasks faster and better than the competition.

As seismic imaging applications grow in complexity the algorithms become constrained by data movement and scalability challenged. In addition, as the industry moves towards next generation imaging algorithms such as 3D Full Waveform Inversion (FWI) which promise much greater image fidelity, there is an even greater emphasis placed on the computing and storage infrastructure.

Cray and VRBX are facilitating the discussion
The challenge is that finding success in this area is not just a matter of building the biggest supercomputer in the industry and winning the HPC arms race.    Instead, oil and gas companies have to combine the right HPC architectures for their needs with advanced applications that support data-intensive research and production. This is often a complex and time-consuming process.   The workshop aims to help oil and gas companies identify the best ways to use advanced HPC technologies and applications by discussing industry-leading upstream oil and gas applications – such as FWI -, ways to accelerate application functionality, challenges that arise when developing HPC infrastructure and roadmaps for HPC system and storage deployment.

Per Nyberg, Director of Business Development 

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