Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

Over the last 12 months, I have felt more like a racecar driver than the CEO of Cray.

We have been moving at NASCAR-like speed in almost every aspect of our business, while at same time leveraging the amazing technical leadership capabilities of our teams to do some things that Cray has never done before.


In the last year alone, we have:

  • Built the largest supercomputer in the history of our company and the fastest storage subsystem ever built with the Blue Waters system at the University of Illinois (thanks to NCSA for using our Cray XE6 and Sonexion storage systems);
  • Built the #1 system on the TOP500 list (congrats to Oak Ridge with their Cray XK7 supercomputer named “Titan”);
  • Delivered the biggest supercomputer we’ve ever built for a commercial customer;
  • Formed a strong, strategic partnership with Intel around future interconnect technologies;
  • Entered into the exciting world of big data with the launch of both our storage business and the YarcData graph analytics team;
  • Expanded our company by bringing on a team of storage and InfiniBand experts from SystemFabricWorks;
  • Introduced an entirely new line of high-end supercomputers with the launch of the Cray XC30 supercomputer, which is the result of the most ambitious R&D program we’ve ever undertaken;
  • And completed one of our strongest financial years ever with record results in revenue, profits and cash.

If that wasn’t enough, we ended the year with the acquisition of Appro International. All without a single pit stop!

It’s been four short months since we incorporated the Appro team into Cray, and I must say that this process could not be going any better. We quickly integrated all of our customer-facing sales and support teams within the first few weeks of the acquisition, and equipped our worldwide sales force with an expanded portfolio of new supercomputing solutions.

Today, we are taking another step forward in bringing together our supercomputers into one family of systems for our customers around the globe. We have refreshed the Appro product line and these systems will now be known as the Cray CS300 Cluster Supercomputers. With the addition of these flexible, industry-standard cluster supercomputer offerings, we can give our customers a broader ability to put Cray technology to work for them, and match the right system to the right job.

Now we can work with customers who need the highest levels of capability, performance and scalability with our XC, XE and XT supercomputers, while also meeting the needs of those customers who prefer the flexibility, capacity and industry-standards of our CS300 systems.  We’ve also announced that not only will the CS300 systems support HPC workloads, but also Hadoop for big data analytics (coming in Q2).

So what does all of this mean? It means we are following our guiding principal of helping our customers be successful with whatever HPC challenge they take on. Over the last year, we have greatly expanded our ability to partner with our customers in a much broader and deeper way. What really excites me the most is to know that by leveraging our focused R&D efforts into building some of the world’s most capable systems, our products are helping our customers solve some of their hardest (and previously unsolvable) problems, many of which have helped change our world with new discoveries, protecting lives and helping to sustain our planet.

I couldn’t be more excited to be able to offer our customers what we believe is the best supercomputing, big data and storage solutions in the market today.  Trust me, I have some inside knowledge into what our R&D teams are working on, and I think you should buckle in – 2013 will be an even faster race for Cray than 2012!

Move over Jimmie Johnson.

Peter Ungaro, President and CEO 

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