Inaugural Exascale Day Celebrates Scientists & Researchers

There are probably a quintillion (1018) reasons to celebrate Exascale Day! While it’s fun that October 18 is 10/18 or 10.18 just like the scientific abbreviation for a quintillion, Exascale Day is so much more than a number.

We registered National Exascale Day to celebrate the scientists and researchers who make breakthrough discoveries in medicine, earth sciences, energy, and more with the help of some of the fastest supercomputers in the world.

We like to say that Exascale Day celebrates those who keep asking what if, why not, and what’s next — with the advanced technology to attain the answers.

We — along with our friends at the Exascale Computing Project, Argonne National Lab (ANL), Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL), and Lawrence Livermore National Lab (LLNL) — are thrilled to be the inaugural sponsors of Exascale Day. Through the celebrations, we want to showcase the profound impact the exascale era™ will have on nearly every aspect of our daily lives.

The sheer power of one quintillion (1018) calculations per second is astounding. For perspective, if all 7.7 billion people on Earth each completed one calculation per second it would take over four years to do what an exascale computer can do in one second.

But technological innovation means nothing without the geeks, gurus, and geniuses who keep asking the big questions with the power to change the world.

How to Celebrate Exascale Day

You can help us celebrate and amplify the benefits of exascale computing. The opportunities for participation are almost limitless and should be defined by what best suits your organization.

To get you started, here are a few ideas:

• Hug a scientist

• Watch our joint, on-demand webcast with exascale leaders from ECP, ORNL, LLNL, ANL and Cray. Watch on-demand here.

• Encourage your teams to recognize the great work of a colleague, researcher, or anyone who is using advanced computing to change the world

• Amplify and engage with us on social media

• Participate in the surveys you’re seeing on social media

• Hold an internal fun facts contest

• Conduct an exascale-themed recipe contest with winning recipes in each category served at a lunch in your organization (quintillion-layer bean dip, anyone?)

• Solicit ideas from your team how exascale can/will change the way you do business and share ideas online

• Celebrate with your teams — ice cream social (with an exascale-sized toppings bar, of course), picnic lunch, or special recognition ceremony

• Keep science alive in your schools by sponsoring a science fair

Check out the “fun fact” infographics on two of our announced exascale supercomputers — LLNL’s El Capitan and ORNL’s Frontier — to understand just how big a quintillion is!

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