Five Things You Need to Know About Cray Supercomputing in the Microsoft Azure Cloud

1. It’s the cloud, without compromise (and it’s OK to be selfish).

It’s really yours and you can finally say you have your very own dedicated (reserve instance) Cray supercomputer running your (big ole) workloads with the system performance and scalability only provided by Cray. You’re not buying time or sharing resources. You won’t have tedious job wait times. It’s very simply your Cray in Azure.

2. Datacenter? You don’t need no stinking datacenter.

Your new, customized Cray supercomputer will reside in a Microsoft Azure datacenter, so you don’t have to worry about finding space, power, cooling, etc. Trust me, your CFO will thank you!

3. What happens in the cloud stays in the cloud.

With supercomputing capabilities closer to data and services already in Azure, you don’t have to move data out of Azure and incur high data egress costs. See the above statement about the CFO.

4. Can supercomputing really be easy?

You bet, especially when the leaders in supercomputing and cloud are doing it for you. We want to keep things simple, allowing you to focus on what matters most: innovation and speeding up your time to discovery. That’s why, with this offering, Cray will customize a system based on your application and workflow needs, configure, provision, administer, manage and maintain your Cray supercomputer in Microsoft Azure. You can thank us later for this one.

5. What did one raindrop say to the other? Two’s company, three’s a cloud. (You didn’t really think you were going to get through this whole blog post without a cloud joke, did you?)

Performance, scalability and elasticity — in a nutshell, that’s Cray in Azure. This partnership was put together to help organizations of all types and sizes who need the most advanced computing resources to expand their problem-solving capabilities, in the cloud. We work together to create unique and powerful solutions that unite the best of cloud and the best of capability computing for the most challenging problems, pushing the boundaries and definitions of what cloud and supercomputing mean.

Go be great. Solve the unsolvable. Do amazing things. And when you need to the best technology, think Cray Supercomputing in the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

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