Cray at Bio-IT World Conference in Boston

The 2013 Bio-IT World Conference will be held from April 9-11 in Boston. The event represents a unique opportunity for visitors to learn how informatics plays a key role in multiple disciplines within life sciences. Today life sciences is evolving as it tries to cope with the deluge of data that is generated from rapidly evolving new technologies.  As data-intensive technologies take hold in a variety of research areas in life sciences, finding ways to develop efficient tools that can help analyze data is a major challenge for the IT industry. As a leader in the evolving high performance computing industry, Cray is creating unique solutions that leverage big data and supercomputing know-how. Cray's presence at the Bio-IT World ... [ Read More ]

Big I/O for Big Oil: Perspectives from the Rice Oil & Gas Workshop

A number of Cray folks attended the Rice Oil & Gas workshop in Houston last Thursday, February 28.  It was incredible visiting such an influential group of energy leaders.  Most of the major US oil & gas companies and service providers were there. The morning keynote was presented by Dirk Smit, VP of Exploration Technology and Chief Scientist Geophysics, Innovation and R&D, at Shell.  In the keynote, Compute Challenges to Meet Future Energy Demands, he stated that supplying the world’s water and food will become progressively critical. According to the LA Times, we’re adding more than 70 million people a year to the planet.  Supplying water and food to them will demand new research and investments. In upstream oil & ... [ Read More ]

Big I/O to Support Climate Change Research and Weather Prediction

Knowledge matters when it comes to humanity's response to climate change. Global warming and severe weather can threaten lives, especially as impacts worsen over time.  The ability to predict severe weather and anticipate climate change is, therefore, essential to saving many lives and building a future in the changing world. Supercomputers can play a major role in this process because high performance computing systems provide the storage and big data capabilities necessary to support earth system science research efforts. Many of the largest weather prediction and climate research centers in the world work with Cray.  What people may not know is that Cray is a one the leaders in providing scalable storage solutions for prediction and ... [ Read More ]