[Infographic] Specializing in Workflow-Driven Storage

Modeling efforts of staggering scale, simulations performed in high-definition resolutions and big data initiatives are all driving data-intensive research projects in contemporary high-performance computing environments. At Cray, we are responding to rising storage requirements across a variety of storage workflows, from ingest to archive.

Bringing our experience
We currently have such a large user base of customers running Lustre systems that more than 120 petabytes of data capacity has been deployed on Cray® supercomputers and big data systems. Furthermore, we co-founded OpenSFS and are among the partners in the open-source Lustre movement. We have the experience to give you the storage functionality you need for your HPC projects.

Performance and capacity scalability
When data is created and first used, it’s critical to have the ability to adjust storage I/O rates based on projects and usage patterns. Cray® Sonexion® enables modular even scaling of performance and capacity.  For workflows requiring nearline and archive storage, Cray Tiered Adaptive Storage (TAS) provides a way to transparently manage data across tiers of storage and scale capacity to maximum efficiency.

Delivering results
Tiered adaptive storage models employed in our storage solutions accelerate results in some cases up to 24-times faster than alternative solutions. The fastest file system in the world was deployed by Cray and delivered as part of the NCSA Blue Waters Project. These types of results are possible because at Cray, we can provide solutions that begin small and manageable, but can scale up easily to meet diverse and changing requirements.

Ensuring quality
Supercomputing performance can be volatile because so many factors impact how a system operates. At Cray, we work to resolve this problem by fully testing our storage systems using real-world workloads before bringing them into production. When you buy a Cray system and get it installed in your facility, you can rest assured that we will test it fully and make sure it lives up to project expectations.

Storage is more important than ever in the HPC world and, here at Cray, we are focused on making sure out products are sophisticated enough to meet changing research needs.


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