Leidos and Cray to Offer Multi-Level Security Solutions

Cray and Leidos, a global science and technology solutions leader, have signed a strategic alliance agreement to offer Multi-Level Security (MLS) solutions that include the Cray® CS™ series of cluster supercomputers to federal and commercial customers.

Customers are facing rapidly evolving challenges: increasing cyberattacks, a competition-driven need to reduce time to market and a constant focus on increasing efficiencies. Through this strategic alliance, Leidos and Cray can now work together to expand current MLS solutions that are designed to give customers the ability to:

  • Manage risk and collaborate more efficiently by allowing teams at varying security clearances to access the same system in a single environment, while maintaining data access levels.
  • Save money and time by being able to consolidate multiple computing systems.
  • Streamline implementation by getting a comprehensive MLS solution from a single vendor.

“We look forward to working with Cray to evolve the capabilities and technologies necessary to offer innovative, robust MLS solutions,” said Keith Johnson, Leidos Defense & Intelligence chief technology officer. “We remain committed to delivering the best technology and efficiencies that directly support our customer’s most pressing requirements.”

“The point is simple – it’s all about securing the data and the systems that will analyze that data, and Leidos brings the expertise to play a key role in developing powerful MLS solutions built on our distributed memory clusters,” said Fred Kohout, Cray’s senior vice president of products and chief marketing officer. “Our strategic alliance with Leidos gives us a strong go-to-market strategy for federal and commercial customers that require supercomputing performance and separation of data.”


Risk Management for Complex Security Environments,” executive brief (PDF)

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