Graph: The Missing Link in Big Data Analytics

Graph analytics is gaining traction in the world of big data and IoT. From solving real-world problems such as detecting cyberattacks and creating value from IoT sensor data to precisely identifying drug interactions faster than ever before, graph has become a powerhouse in detecting never-before-seen connections and emergent patterns. It’s critical to understand how graph can be added to traditional Hadoop® and Spark™ workflows for successful results.

Join us Wednesday, March 16, for a live online chat, “Graph: The Missing Link in Big Data Analytics,” to learn and discuss all things graph analytics. You can easily participate using a Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook account. Hear from industry experts from Deloitte, Mphasis and Cray who are using graph today to solve complex, real-world problems in fields such as cybersecurity, precision medicine and risk management.

How to participate:

The chat will be hosted on CrowdChat, which organizes tweets into streams of conversations. We’ll start the conversation thread from the Cray Twitter handle (@cray_inc), and everyone who wants to participate can comment, ask questions or just watch the discussion from the sidelines. You can participate by logging in with Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.

Bring your questions or offer your expertise alongside our panel of industry experts and chat hosts:

  • Eric Dull is a Specialist Leader at Deloitte, leading large-scale data science and cyber security applications for a variety of United States Government and commercial clients. He is a recognized expert with demonstrated mission successes in applied graph theory, data mining, anomaly detection, and data quality algorithms. His work includes machine learning, anomaly detection, computer security and network analysis, insider threat, data mining, graph algorithm research and application against client analytic problems.
  • Mallinath Sengupta is CEO of NextAngles and heads the Compliance Automation Program at Mphasis, an HP company. Mallinath has more than three decades’ experience in the IT industry including in enterprise management, account management, pre-sales, domain/ practice management, new product development, and delivering high-tech solutions to market. Prior to assuming his current role, he held multiple Senior VP roles at Mphasis and was the firm’s global head of manufacturing. Mallinath also led the Aerospace and Industrial Manufacturing divisions at IT and consulting firm Wipro Technologies. He holds a post-graduate degree in management (PGDM) from the Indian Institute of Management in Bangalore and a Bachelor degree in Production Engineering from Jadavpur University.
  • Jim Maltby is the Product Manager for Graph Products at Cray, Inc. and specializes in mapping scientific and business applications to new computer architectures. He has an academic background in physics and engineering, specializing in radiation transport. He has worked for Cray since 2000, developing software for the massively multithreaded Cray XMT (and its MTA-1 predecessor) as a well as the other Cray systems.  He also led the Bioinformatics practice at Cray for several years, using HPC to solve Life Science problems.  His most recent project involved developing a highly parallel in-memory Semantic Database for the XMT architecture, now available as Urika-GD by Cray, Inc.


March 16, 2016

9-10 a.m. PST

Join via Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn

Official chat hashtag: #GetGraph

During this chat we’ll discuss:

  • What is graph analytics?
  • How is graph database analysis different from relational database analysis?
  • When is graph the best analysis choice?
  • Where is graph in use today?

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